One of the reasons I love fall is because there’s so much beauty happening outside that we can bring inside. 

Even if your leaves haven’t turned yet, there are weeds, seed pods, and interesting branches around every alley, on the edge of every yard and at the back of the church parking lot.  

It’s the easiest season to decorate your house for free!

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If you want some foraging tips, I created a video all about how I forage and style stuff I find in my own backyard.

If you have allergies or for some reason can’t or don’t want to forage outside, you can go on a foraging hunt for realistic branches, seed pods and dried items to display–on the internet. 

Jenna Sue created a list of all sorts of realistic, yet not real, stems and branches, it’s a great resource.

Lastly I had a fun conversation with author and podcast host of The Next Right Thing, Emily P. Freeman, who happens to also be my baby sister. We talked about creating places to be messy, the art of noticing and taking purposeful walks.  

Happy foraging!