This past week Chad and I celebrated our 25th anniversary.

Back in January I declared that this was the year that we were finally taking a big step towards our longtime dream.  

We bought this property almost seven years ago and the reason we loved this particular place was because it had room to invite people here. Room to invite you here.  

Twelve imperfect acres, a tractor barn and a bunch of run down sheds became a welcoming rustic place in our imagination. 

At the beginning of this year Chad closed his pool business and finally, we planned to host events beyond Mantime and The Nest Fest. 

Later in January,  I announced our first weekend workshop and it sold out in three days. Chad bought a huge grill big enough to cook for small events, we planned a yummy menu and I gathered ideas for charming swag bags for the twenty of you who would be showing up at our house in April. 

Now, of course, the workshop has been postponed, we cancelled Mantime and who knows if we’ll be able to have The Nest Fest this year. 

The very moment when we thought we’d be opening up our home more than ever has turned into a time where we might not be able to host anything for awhile. 

The exact opposite of what we had planned.

But the truth is, our home is being used more than ever.  

Just for a different purpose than what we expected. 

I look back on the past seven years and even though in our minds, much of what we did was to make this place a hospitable welcoming destination for others. Everything we did also made it a cozy place for our own family as we are home together more than ever before. 

Not one thing that we’ve done in our home has been wasted, even though it’s not being used exactly how we thought.

I’m guessing you are using your home more than ever before too, maybe in new ways. 

I promise you, nothing you do to your home will go to waste. 

From the smallest baby step to the biggest risk. 

From the most mundane task of cleaning out the junk drawer to the scary, rewarding projects like painting that brick fireplace.  

It. Is. Worth. It. 

Making home is a worthy endeavor. 

Creating a home that works for you right now, a home you love right now is an important and useful gift you give to yourself and to your family. 

Home is for us to use and enjoy day in and day out, now more than ever.

If you need for your home to be more purposeful, simple and inviting, 

If you are ready for your home to finally show off your unique style, 

If you need your home to serve your family in a new way, 

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We open to new members three times a year, for just a week, then we focus on our home together.   

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