One of my favorite all time quotes comes from Cheryl Strayed’s book, Wild. In the book, Cheryl is quoting her mother about the daily choices we make. Her mom told her: 

“There’s always a sunrise and always a sunset and it’s up to you to choose to be there for it… Put yourself in the way of beauty.”

As Beauty Hunters, it’s our job to seek out beauty, to put ourself in its path so that we don’t miss it. 

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Here are five ways to put yourself in the way of beauty

1 .Go outside, anywhere

You do not have to book a vacation to Lake Como, tour a national park or visit one of the seven wonders of the world or however many they have now.

Take a walk around the block. Check out that empty field behind the library, wait until dark, turn all the lights in the house off and sit in your backyard and look at stars, become a tourist in your own town and see what you can find. Seek out natural beauty and you will not be disappointed.

Not all beauty is obvious, blooming and natural. I like to take my phone looking for interesting things around town like peeling paint, mural art, the sunset behind the church steeple. You get the idea.

2. Bring the outside in 

Have a yard of any size? Grab some scissors and clip anything with life from flowering branches to vines, blooming bulbs and budding leaves. 

Here’s the thing, when I look out my window sometimes my yard looks barren, but when I walk around with a pair of clippers I can almost always find bits and pieces of green and blooms to cut and bring inside. 

Get out there. 

Call your mom or friend or neighbor and see if you can cut a few branches off their shrubs and trees.

3. Look for possibilities: play the thrift game

Sometimes when I need a shot of inspiration I play a little game with myself where I set a budget, usually $5 or $10 and tell myself I’m not allowed to leave the thrift store until I buy something I can try to use for my house. Last time I did this I came home with an old formal gown with a huge stain on it. But it had a big wide black and white sash that seemed promising and the dress was just $4. I cut off the striped ribbon sash and use it as an oversized bookmark for our guest book. The salvaged edge is just tucked behind the book so no ones sees it.

If I hadn’t challenged myself to leave the store with something, anything, I never would have come up with this little happy moment that feels just my style.

4. Create a DESY

One simple way to add beauty is to actually subtract things!

Create a DESY (Designated Empty Surface, Yippie!) in your most frequently used room.

Choose one surface, I like to pick the hardest working surface like the coffee table or kitchen island–and allow it to be decor free. Clear it off and get a steamy hot rag and wipe it down. I usually go back and have to clean it off a few times a day with happiness. I’m not bothered that we all keep putting stuff on it, no, I’m glad I’m not forcing it to hold decor because it’s at the ready to serve me and my family.

Enjoy the beauty of simplicity.

5. Create a Vignette

A vignette is a pretty little grouping of items that are gathered together to tell a story, function beautifully or just look amazing. I know what you’re thinking. Didn’t she just tell me to do the opposite and clear off a surface?

Yes! I did! Isn’t decorating amazing?!

We can do the exact opposite actions and still end up with the same effect: beauty, function, joy and a fresh look for our home!

As you embark on your own personal beauty hunt, I hope you put yourself in situations where you have to notice things, take action, and do something differently than you have in the past.

Here’s to doing that thing and putting ourselves in the way of beauty,