I’m in the process of redecorating our living room.  

This has me thinking all sorts of thoughts as I’m the weeds of making actual decisions with actual money to purchase a few items that I hope to actually love. 

The BEST thing I’ve learned about making better decisions in our home and for our home is for me to pay attention and evaluate past decisions I’ve made. 

Today I thought I’d share four decisions I’ve made in our home that I continue to think back on, they help me make better decisions today.

Decision 1:  

One of my all time favorite purchases is this Viking Range I found second hand on Craigslist (here’s more about that).  

 I can remember being an absolute nervous wreck– spending a few thousand dollars, borrowing a trailer from our church, driving with Chad three hours away to pick up this range from a strangers house. We got to see it work in their house, then we brought it home and it had to sit on our porch, then inside the house for a few months until we finished renovating our kitchen.  

It was one of the biggest risks I’ve taken and it’s now, even six years later, one of my favorite things in my house. It’s the crown of the kitchen because it looks great, is large and black and gold and I love it because it cooks like a dream. 

 Lesson learned: just because something scares me to death while I’m making a deciosn isn’t a red flag that it’s a bad decision. Sometimes the best decisions are the most terrifying, a lot of trouble, and take months to know if you’re happy with them. 

Decision 2:  

I got this big hutch as part of the One Room Challenge a few years ago.  

I absolutely love the piece, the simple lines, it’s surprisingly well made–I even went on to buy another piece from the same line a year or so later.  


When I choose this hutch there were three or four options that would have worked for the wall I bought this for. My deciding factor was that I wanted to get the largest piece possible.   

Why not? I wanted as much storage as I could fit on the wall, right?

 The problem was, I forgot about my tendencies of enjoying moving furniture and using it in different places based on our changing needs, along with the reality of our home–it’s small with very few large walls.  

Because I bought the largest hutch in the history of mankind, I’m really limited with where I can use it. As much as I love it, I do wish I would have sized down to either give it some breathing room in it’s current space, or give me the options to get creative and try it in different places. 

Lesson learned: my tendency to buy large pieces for one specific place can hinder future creative ways to use things.

Decision 3:

A few years ago we upgraded to a king size bed and I knew I wanted a velvet wingback upholstered headboard. It took me awhile to decide on the color. But once we ordered our king mattress I knew I needed to pull the trigger and I decided to take a risk and go for a gorgeous green velvet bed. 

Sadly, the green velvet was out of stock for months and I had a mattress on the way and had sold our queen bed. So I decided to get my second choice–the black velvet.  

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t thank Jesus, my lucky stars and the every coin I’ve ever wished on that that green bed was out of stock. 

I absolutely LOVE the drama and freedom that having a black bed brings to the space. If it were green it would be so bossy with how the rooms looks. A neutral bed allows me to change up the way it looks without dedicating my life and room to the color green. 

Lesson learned: I want my large pieces to be dramatic but neutral so I can have the freedom to use whatever colors I want.

Decision 4:  

When we first moved in we renovated the kitchen and changed out the lighting. I knew I wanted a wood chandelier so I bought an inexpensive one to save money. As soon as we hung it I knew it was entirely too small. 

Instead of saving money, I basically wasted it trying to cheat our table out of the right size lighting. I sold the chandy and bought the right size and we lived happily ever after. 

Lesson Learned: just because something costs less doesn’t mean you’re saving money.

As much as it pains me to admit it, I’ve probably learned more from the decisions I’ve made that I wasn’t happy with, than the ‘good’ decisions. The ‘bad’ decisions were an instant lesson in what I did wrong (wrong for me) and they usually cost time, money, energy or all three so they will stick with me forever. #WorthIt 

The best thing I can do to learn how to make better decisions in my home, is to force myself to simply make decisions in my home. 

It’s worth it, even if the decision turns out to be less than ideal because it will help me learn how to make better home decisions. 

I believe it’s the same for you.

Start small. I didn’t start with a Craigslist Viking stove, I built up to it with smaller less risky items and buying stuff second hand from yard sales. Slowly I gained the confidence to make riskier decisions. 

But that doesn’t mean things always worked out or that the decisions were easy and that I didn’t second guess myself. 

A few starter questions to ask yourself to help make better decisions in your home ::

  • What things have you changed in your home that you’re thrilled with? Why?
  • What things have you changed that you’re not thrilled with? Why?
  • Where was money, time and energy well spent in your home?
  • Where did you spend money, time and energy that didn’t seem worth it?
  • What’s something in your home that you’ve had a long time and still love? This will help you learn what could be a timeless classic for you and your personal style.
  • What’s something in your home that you do not like at all?

Making decisions in your home is really the only way to make progress. A less than perfect decision becomes a normal part of life that doesn’t have to be feared when you allow yourself to learn from it and decide to keep moving forward anyway.

Come on over!

One of the things Chad and I are most excited about for the coming years is hosting more in person events here at our home and on our property. We live on 12, imperfect acres, 20 miles east of Charlotte, North Carolina. We love hosting people and hope that at some point in the future, you can make it to our home! 

Our plan is to have events for you and your man–some events will be for both of you, some just for men or just for women. 

Here’s what we have planned so far for 2020 

March 14 : Chill Night (men) 
For the fellas: free, from 6-9, dinner, ax throwing and hang out around the fire pit and Owl’s Room here at our property. No ticket needed, simply RSVP to Chad here.

April 2-4: Mantime (men) 
A weekend event for your man hosted by my husband Chad here at our property. Tickets still available (men fly in from all over the country for this one!)   

April 16-18: Weekend Workshop (women)
Your Welcoming Home:: The Art and Science of Making Home This is our first ever weekend workshop and the first one is sold out but, if it’s a success and we all don’t hate it, I plan on hosting it again in November. Click here to be notified first when we plan the next one

October 17: The Nest Fest (everyone) 
This year The Nest Fest will be Saturday, October 17. Its our fifth annual event–at our home, barn and backyard on the 12 acre property where we live outside Charlotte, North Carolina. 

As always, you’re invited! 

We have guests and vendors join us from all over the US, and I cannot wait to host the vendors, musicians, authors, food trucks and you this year!