I know there’s a good chance you don’t love everything about your home.

Sometimes, when I look at all that still needs to be done in our fixer upper, even after fixing her up for over 5 years, I feel like we made a HUGE mistake in ever thinking we could finish this house.  

There’s one thing I force myself to remember when I get in a funk about our house.    


I can’t possibly expect to make progress on our house when I flit around from room to room.

I lose focus, lose motivation, and often, lose money because although I have the big picture in mind, I forget to truly consider how we need to use that particular space in the near future and I end up buying a bunch of things we don’t really need.

If you have some frustration or overwhelm with the scope of what might need attention in your home, my best advice is to pick one room and let yourself focus on that room.  

Don’t worry about the rest.  

We’re even applying this to the outside of our house.  

We have 12 acres of work to do here on our property and thinking about it as a whole makes me want to light a match.  

But if I section it off into outdoor “rooms” it feels much more manageable and changes everything: mostly, my attitude, energy and willingness to start.

If you are ready to tackle one room and want some extra accountability, encouragement and ideas you will LOVE The Cozy Community.  

In this private community I’m providing live group coaching, Q&A sessions and step by step directions starting with how to finish your room in the next four weeks.  

We close our doors for enrollment tomorrow and start on our first room together Wednesday.  

You are not too late to join in and you can finish a room by Easter!