Layerd Rugs 2.0

layered rugs

Three years ago we moved in and I knew better than to go out and buy all new rugs right away. The rugs from our old house didn’t quite fit right, so I layered them to stretch them out and make them work:


It was a great temporary fix.


Naturally I moved things around constantly to see what worked best.

jute rug

Finally I purchased this 10×14 rug and I love how it covers the whole floor. I also appreciate how it neutralizes and quiets the space, and the best part about this rug; it never shows dirt.

The only problems: 1. it’s not soft to lay on, it’s actually itchy and 2. it sheds like crazy town.

layered rugs

I’m not ready to invest in a full out 10×14 rug, besides, the one I have is still great, I just needed to solve a few problems, so once again I decided to layer. This time with the 8×10 Emory Rug in Heather Gray by Loloi from Rug Expedition (they have great sales and also price match!) Shipping was super fast and that evening, Chad and the boys were once again, laying on the floor just like old times.

I can’t currently find the exact link to this rug–it wasn’t even listed when I got it, I saw some other Loloi rugs listed and emailed and asked if they could get this one and they did!

Wondering about the best size rug to get for a space? Here’s a great graphic from Design by Numbers about the best sized rug for a living room:

how to pick the right sized rug

Most of us make the mistake of purchasing a rug that’s too small, but a rug is there to connect the whole room together, plus you want it big enough that you can actually see it.

Ideally, you want the front few inches of the seating in a room anchored onto the rug.

If you are like me and already have a big neutral rug, layering a smaller rug on top is a great cheat to add some color and texture without having to purchase another huge rug.





  1. I love your cow hide rugs and am still curious, how has the patterned one held up? I have so much I WANT THAT RUG in my blood but I’m anxious about durability :)

    • the herringbone cowhide held up for about 4 years–in our main room, with a dog and 3 teenage boys–I was really happy with it , but it finally gave out!

      • THANK YOU for taking the time to share that :) I’m not sure about investing for only 4 years (is my cheap side showing? :) )

  2. Very nice. I like the layers!

    Right now I am rugless in my living room simply because I don’t know which rug to buy. I appreciate the size guide, since I was actually thinking of staying on the smaller side, but I think a bit bigger rug will work better!

    • Randi, good for you for taking some time to figure it out–now that you know what size to look for, start beginning to collect ideas of what you want!

  3. I just did this last night! My living room has a ‘unique’ layout and I made the mistake of purchasing a rug I LOVE before moving in and really figuring out the space. So lo an behold my 8×11 rug I had purchased was too small…what I really needed for the space was a 12×12 rug and the only non-bank breaking one that I liked was a solid color one at Overstock. I didn’t want to get rid of the beautiful patterned 8×11 rug for a plain tan one so I layered and I LOVE it! The living room was always ‘off’ in a way but now it all seems right. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I’m not sure I love the layered look, for me it will take some getting use to however I do like the animal skin layout in your second picture. I guess if you have the right rugs, with some imagination and coordination they could look really good.

    Thanks for the ideas,

  5. I would try to be very careful with having multiple rugs on the floor. The more you pile them up, the easier it is for someone to trip over them! Rugs next to each other are ok, but I would use a piece of furniture (like a coffee table) to place in-between the rugs to minimize tripping or catching your feet on the edges of either rug. Don’t forget to vacuum underneath the multiple rugs to make sure they are clean!

  6. I love your new rug! Seagrass is so pretty, but not the lay on the floor and watch tv kind of comfy. What a great solution.

  7. Anything layered is great, right? Just think about clothes, framed photos, etc.

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