jute rug

Last week we started talking about Summer-izing our homes. 

I want my home to feel like it reflects the season–not because it has signs all over that have words that say “springtime” or anything, but just based on how it feels to me when I’m inside.

This rug is one way I summer-ized our home this year…

jute rug

When we moved here a year and a half ago I just use the rugs I had from our last house…

herringbone cowhide

The largest cowhide rug I had was this herringbone pattern (similar to this) I think it’s an 8 x 10. But it still wasn’t big enough for our sofa and chairs to all sit on, which is why I always layered rugs on top of it.


layerd rugs

I love our cowhides and I already had all of these, so I layered my silver spotted ones…


And sometimes I layered the natural ones.

worn thin

And after four years of heavy traffic it was starting to really wear.

As a Cozy Minimalist, I’ve learned that one large item is better than lots of small items–when it comes to artwork, tchotchkes…and even rugs.

jute rug

So I purchased the largest jute rug I could find that would fit in our room.


I actually have three of these same rugs in the barn. I’ve been so happy with them. They look great, are easy to keep clean, eat dirt and because they are so large and neutral they have a hushing effect on a space. It’s like a layer of fresh fallen snow. That is khaki colored. And won’t melt. And isn’t cold.

I got the Chunky Maui rug in Beige  (9.5 x 13.5 size) including shipping for less than $400 (from RugsUSA–get on their mailing list and wait for a 70-80% off sale.) You can’t see the sale price until you add it to your cart and enter in the discount code. It looks like right now they have a code: SUMMER70 where you can get 70% off.

jute rug

DSC_1892 2

jute rug

So this is another way I #HushTheHouse for summer. I replaced old, multiple small things with one large new thing (that happened to be even more neutral). Along with the drapes, our home is starting to feel hushed and larger!