pretty diffuser

Listen, I’m not gonna pretend that I know a bunch of stuff about essential oils. And I’m certainly not going to try to sell oils to you. There are smart people that can do better at both of those things. Take them or leave them, I don’t care, this is simply my diffusing story…


This year one of my goals was  to get to know essential oils a little bit better. I was curious.

Of course, I love diffusing oils, but I realized when I wasn’t diffusing, I’d unplug and hide the diffuser, because the one I got with my kit is ugly and looks like a Fisher Price toy faded in the sun. I considered buying the pretty glass and wood diffuser that my oil company sells, but I decided I’d rather send my kids to college.


best wood diffuser

So, I found a pretty diffuser on Amazon that I’m sure the oil people will tell me is all wrong. BUT, I’ve used it for a few months and LOVE it!

Every time I have guests at my house they ask where I got the diffuser (well, the men don’t just the women) so, I figured you might want to see it too.

If you want to learn more about oils, I’ll send you to Edie. If you want a pretty diffuser, then Amazon is the place.