When people find out that we bought our cabinets and counter tops from Ikea they want to know two things: do we like them and would we do it again. I had someone ask just this past week so I thought I’d write a quick post proclaiming my love.

Do we like them? Would we buy them again?

My answer: yes & yes!


Because of the shape of our kitchen, you don’t actually see much of our cabinets unless you are standing right in front of them, plus we only have 10 cabs in our kitchen, so there aren’t a lot to see anyway.

We also have some butcher block counter on the far end of the kitchen, and white quartz on the 10 foot island and next to the stove. I LOVE both counters, the quartz is indestructible, I’m the world’s worst counter top caretaker/best counter top abuser and they still look great.

kitchen 2


kitchen fall

We’ve had our kitchen for almost three years now, I’ve had to replace one drawer front (user error) and they still gave it to us for free because of their 25 year guarantee (or something like that).

Ikea kitchens usually go on sale a few times a year–it’s worth it to buy during the sale. We closed on our house and I had to purchase our kitchen right away (this is the first kitchen I’ve ever planned) but to get the sale it was worth it. Plus, I knew I could return or exchange something if it turned out we ordered the wrong thing.


The only thing I worry about with this kitchen is, I think in the past year or so they changed all their designs AND cabinet sizes, so IF we needed to replace a door now, we’d have to either find an old door on ebay (unlikely I’m guessing) or scramble and get all new doors from a third-party that still fits the older Ikea kitchens.

I think the last kitchen change stayed around for 20 years, so if you buy now that they’ve made the update, you are probably good for a long time.

round dining table

The drawers close perfectly and hold a lot of weight. Which after living in 14 different houses, we’ve learned that many kitchens are not this sturdy. Ikea kitchens are entirely different from their Billy bookcases, their kitchens are highly respected and their cabinet boxes are used in all sorts of homes.

Want different drawer fronts? There are lots of companies who specialize in making door fronts for Ikea cabinets. You can google them, I’m in a hurry this morning. Okay, here’s one.



Thinking about an Ikea kitchen? I’m really happy with ours.


I liked our Ikea kitchen so much I even put one in our little guest house!

More about our kitchen (before & during photos & links to what else we used in the kitchen)