Our Tiny House (in process forever)


A little update in photos on where my office/the guest room/tiny house is right now.

tiny kitchen before / officebefore

We’ve been slowly working on this space for two years, and it’s finally getting to the place where it feels right. We have a twin and a queen bed, extra kitchen counters (Ikea for the win!) lots of texture and just by moving the wood stove over a few feet, I was able to claim an extra wall.

Here are some fresh photos…




office kitchen beforebefore





In the coming months I’ll be continuing to phase out the aqua and pink. I’m hoping to repaint the armoire soon. But for now, it’s starting to feel right. And it’s starting to be a nice place to hang out, and get some serious work done while tending to a fire– instead of a cold, dark, weird room.


Lots of sources here

more about the bed here

more about the kitchen here.


  1. love. love. love!

  2. How fun to have this little space! Love the textures and the log rack! Sandra

  3. Alicia Damron says

    These types of posts are my favorites! I love seeing what you do with your spaces!

  4. Looks so cozy and welcoming!

  5. I didn’t see the twin bed????

  6. Oh my! I would love to move in there, right now!
    Love the aqua, the kitchen cabinets, the bed… everything.
    So comfy.
    Thank you for sharing, so inspiring!

  7. I love, LOVE how this space is coming together. Looks so lovely and it’s very inviting! Also – that Ottoman! Is there a source for it? I didn’t see one.

  8. Lovely space! I will be a little sad to see the armoire a different color, but I look forward to seeing what color you choose. I copied you several years ago and painted a couple of book cases in my living room that same blue/green and I still love them, so at least I’ll still get to enjoy the color. ;)

  9. I LOVE what you did with the kitchen in front of the window to connect to the fridge. A bar! Genius. And extra counter top space too, which is always useful. Love that little area with the couch/ottoman. Well done!

  10. I love your bar idea. We are adding onto our house and it will include a playroom that is not big so Im looking for space saving ideas and this would be perfect for a homework spot! Thinking of putting ikea uppers above it!

  11. Baileywife @ Irishman acres says

    I can’t even…. Booking my plane ticket now!

  12. love everything! that cute little cabinet storing your wood is genius! we’re in the middle of a kitchen reno – which Ikea counters are those? I looked at your kitchen source list and it didn’t specify. I’m looking for some that aren’t the honey golden color and yours look really nice. Thanks for any info! <3

    • They are the thicker ones (which I think involves fake-er wood? And they are kind of golden honey in person! I can’t remember the name? I think they are the lightest ones?

  13. SO wonderful to watch your transformations! Question for you, with a little background– my husband and I are also Dave Ramsey fans, and we’re also debt free, so now that “feathering the nest” can be a priority, how do you decide how much to budget for your home? Thank you for any insight! Have a wonderful day and God Bless!

    • So, this is going to sound awful but we don’t budget for it.

      With a fixer upper we just have huge, HUGE projects and we just save cash on the side until we can tackle the next task on our list. So I guess that kind of is like budgeting? We have two big projects coming in the next year or two–refinish our basement and redo a 30 year old in ground pool, along with a million outdoor projects (a long gravel drive that needs to be repositioned) it can be overwhelming but we knew what we were getting into with a fixer upper.

      Also, I always give myself permission to sell the house and move if it gets to be too much. I’m actually getting an appraisal this fall just so I can have it in my back pocket. Because I feel like all we do is pour money into this property!

  14. Oh, how I love taking in the beautiful sights on your blog. Your taste is one of a kind. You can make anything look good. Pure talent. Couldn’t help but chuckle at the stovepipe…reminiscent of a Dr. Seuss book.

  15. Compact….Cute…..Cozy!! And I will have to agree with some others that I love the aqua and can’t imagine the armoire painted any other color—it looks so soft and soothing and blends so well with everything else. Unless you’re going for a bold pop of color–maybe that Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in turquoise (I think it was called “Provence” ??????)…I can visualize that! Great looking space!!

  16. I love the room and I hope you keep the aqua, I think it makes the room fun!

  17. Love this soo much! I am especially in awe of your ability to create this after seeing all of the before photos. I absolutely love the line of appliances that you bought and you better believe I have that bookmarked for the future when we need new appliances!

  18. Hello! I love your style! I am getting ready to start putting together a nurshery for baby #3 and I love, love, love that twin bed/sofa! Where did you get that!? Sorry the most dreaded question! :) Thanks so much!!

  19. I love seeing your rooms come together! I have followed your blog for a few years now and it’s been so fun seeing your style develop! You have definitely inspired me to take on more projects in my own home at a slow and steady pace – not rushing – just being patient and waiting for the right things to come along. So thanks!
    I am surprised to hear that you are phasing out the coral and aqua. Are you going to introduce new colors? I think they bring the room to life with their pop of color – just enough brightness and cheer! I fear going all neutral would be too minimalist and not enough cozy… but each to their own. :)

  20. Love the textile you have hanging on the wall! So pretty and resourceful!

  21. Whoa, what a transformation! I can’t believe how different it looks than just a few months ago.

  22. Love the bar and seating. I just did something similar in my DC apartment and it’s a perfect, functional solution. Curious what you did with the dishwasher? Maybe you moved it to the left of the sink?

    • We gave it to a friend who’s dishwasher broke! Chad and I disagreed from the beginning about having one in there, and the truth was, we never used it in that space (unlike the one in our house!)

  23. This is coming together so nicely!

  24. Ohhhh, don’t paint the armoire! It’s the perfect soft hit of color in there! The whole place is looking gorgeous!

  25. Love what you’re doing with the space!! That log storage!!!!! Very cool!!

  26. Sally Gee says

    Pics of the bathroom? Inquiring minds want to know/see!

  27. I’m loving this adorable place! And I still love the pink and aqua… I’m just now getting all the reds and golds out of our living room, (thanks to the Cozy Minimalist Course!) and am finally getting a little splash of my own aqua here and there.

  28. Wow. This room is beautiful and simple and warm and white and fluffy! So many good things! I’m always impressed with your before and afters. Mostly because you remember to take the before pictures.

  29. Love this room! Do you have a source for the white lamps on the bar?

  30. Ohhhhh, I love it, my dream…my dream…love your photos :)

  31. We’re in a basement finishing project in a cash on hand sorta way. Your space is fabulous! Being in a floor state of mind right now, I was trying to discern what flooring you have under the rugs? Our concrete would need a slew of prep, and sanding to be able to stain, but I just can’t get excited about carpet. Thanks in advance for sharing your floor upgrade!

  32. Sleeping in a bed with curtains is the stuff of dreams!

  33. love your rooom!! i hope we have own like that.

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