Beauty Hunting at The Barn



cozy minimalists

Saturday our Barn was the happiest ever.

It wasn’t perfect, which made it perfect.

Because it was filled with Beauty Hunters.

It was filled with friends who graduated from the Cozy Minimalist class and are now armed with the knowledge to create a beautiful home on purpose, with purpose.

These lovely women know how to search for beauty, they know the secret of overlooking the imperfections, they know the importance of perspective, they know it’s their job to hunt for and find beauty in the midst of their every day, messy, beautiful lives. I can’t think of anyone better to spend the day with.

Don’t you want to be friends with people like that?

Don’t you want to be a people like that?

I do.

Here are some photos of our day…



If you stand in just the right place, you look like an angel.

the barn denim sofa




Our hustle-free schedule:


at the barn


the locust tree

It was such a joy to be surrounded by these women of beauty.

For more about the course, click here.

Read more about our Cozy at The Barn Time: here’s a post from Kirsten who was there on


  1. I can’t say thank you enough! The course changed my perspective on decorating. But the day at the barn, and you with your beautiful grace, changed my perspective on the way I live my life. I have felt different, more peaceful, more introspective, since returning home from our time together.

    You amaze me woman! Love you tons!! XOXO

  2. It makes me all kind of happy to know that you included a shoe cutting party for SOLE HOPE – a ministry my heart is attached to. YAY!!!

  3. About those wings…. I use to LOVE those and wanted some for my house. Then I saw the movie ‘Maleficent’, and now all I see are Maleficent’s wings after they were so brutally cut off and stolen! True story :)

  4. So true!! I know Yall had a blast and that barn and that land, tree are beautiful!!!

  5. Best. Day. Ever!!!!!!!!!! Thank you beautiful friend for the gift of that day with you and all those beautiful women!!!

    • Baileywife @ Irishman acres says

      I agree Angela! Still amazed that I met people that I have so much in common with! How can I miss women I knew for 6 hours?? And meeting you Miss Angela was a huge gift! You inspire me to be a better human and I hope and pray that we can get together again!?! ~Kim

  6. what a great day!! thanks again for being our hostess!! I’m pretty sure I never want to miss an event at The Barn ever again!!

  7. Lovely looking day and pictures!!!

  8. Pamela S says

    Looks like a fun time for everyone!

  9. Your barn has become a special place and I love hearing about it! And that tree… magnificent!

  10. THAT is a beautiful tree.

  11. Sounds like time well spent. And thanks for including Kirsten’s post about being there. It was so fun to read about the student experience. Bless you for being brave enough to show us all how to live with more graciousness. The world of women needs that so desperately.
    The Other Marian

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