vignette me spotted table

This long sofa table has served us so well.

He’s a $25 thrift find, made by Ethan Allen. Here he is before I painted him, and in our bedroom, the top was messed up anyway so that gave me even more permission to do something fun. He’s working so hard on the cover of the book, and here are some other photos of him with a blue top.

Yesterday, I needed just a little 10 minute change in this hidden corner behind our family table.

diy spotted table

I got out the craft paint, dug up some tiny paint brush and made random dots. Actually, splotches.

Also pictured:

  • a $25 thrifted mirror who’s been 3 different colors (remember this one?).
  • A second-hand blue and white jar ($8),
  • a thrifted Jonathan Adler vase ($2)
  • a book with the cover ripped off
  •  Lisa Leonard print (still in the package–why?) held up with artists tape (much stronger than washi tape–I use this almost daily)
  • A frame from World Market –I don’t know what to put in it yet so there’s a piece of black scrapbook paper with metallic dots that I dotted with a paint pen.
  • I hung the lid to the jar (just with a long nail) since he’s not being used right now.
  • lamp from HomeGoods


For the record, this post is not about me telling you that I think you should paint dots on your furniture. If that’s all someone comes away with, they have missed the entire point of this online space. What I want you to know is that it’s okay to play around with what you have. It’s okay to risk painting a $35 table that you bought four years ago. I’ll go first and put it on the internet. Now it’s your turn, close the computer and make something you love, out of something you have.

I know you have a something in your home that is begging you to “vignette me!”.