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decorating with the camera

decorating with the camera

Sometimes when I’m not sure what I want to go where, I’ll grab my camera and snap a few pics to see what I really like best. And sometimes I make the opposite decision once I realize I don’t even have my coffee table back in place after taking out the Christmas tree. Wondering about the dresser? My mom spotted the sofa table for $25 at the Goodwill a few years ago. It’s an Ethan Allen and weighs a 3/4 of a ton.


I even had to take a break when I carried it down the stairs. Shhhhh, don’t tell my husband, I’m technically not allowed to transfer furniture up and down the stairs anymore. House rules. Luckily, I’m not that technical.

DSC_0231 2

Wondering where the dresser went? About 12 feet away. My neighbors know to expect to see homeless furniture in the foyer as soon as we open the door. I’m still deciding the best place for this one. Our 15-year-old went and grew out of his twin bed (and it also broke) this weekend (the nerve) so he’s taken over the guest room and I’m coming to terms with the fact that I married a tall man and in a matter of years all of our boys will have their feet hanging off twin beds.

It’s never done. It’s always in transition. Instead of seeing it as a pain, I’ve decided to see it as a fun adventure and a great excuse to move furniture!

Because I will jump off a bridge if Shelley Smith says to, I joined Vine and made a life altering 6 second video to go along with this post.  If you are jumping off the bridge and onto Vine too, feel free to find The Nester and watch so your life can be forever changed.  I’m so fresh there I don’t even know how to link yet. –Figured it out (actually, Shelley told me to grab the link from twitter, duh)


  1. Ha! I currently have a dining table in the guest room and till last night. half a twin bed in the living room (thanks freecycle). My husband knows to turn on the lights first when he works late cause chances are he’ll trip over something I’ve rearranged if not :)

  2. Do you ever find that your pictures have a whole different “feel” than the room you’re physically in? If so, which one do you go with? Maybe it’s lighting, or my developing photography skills, but sometimes even when I like the room as I’m standing in it, I don’t like the way it looks in pictures. I usually go with “feel” but can’t help wondering which one others see when they’re here?

  3. I’m constantly moving furniture from one room to another for a fresh look. I even move books if it will give me a sense of freshness. I get you.

  4. I love the color on your walls. Do you have the color written down and if so, would you pass it along? Thanks!

    • yep, just click on the right sidebar where it says “my paint colors” with paint can lids, more paint colors than you’ll want, let me know if it doesn’t have something you are looking for and Ill add it. xo

  5. Haha… I joined Vine over the weekend as well and made a video yesterday that I desperately wanted to link to my blog, but after an hour gave up trying. It makes me feel better that you don’t know how to do it yet either :)

    • I know, Shelley has linked to hers and I KNOW there is a way, but there’s no tutorials yet for anything…I’m sure it’s totally obvious.

  6. Love that you do this too. My poor family knows nothing ever stays put in this house for long!

  7. OH I love to rearrange furniture! I should take some pictures of my den. Our youngest man-cub, has taken to his first college apartment, our mission couch – the best nap couch in the house! Kind of a worrisome thought If I lingered there long enough!

    I’ll head to Vine with you and see what’s Up!

  8. I like the dresser but whats the story on the cabinet at the bottom of your stairs? Its stinking cute and looks great there.

  9. I find myself constantly moving things about in our home and my family knows that it’s just one of those quirky things about me. Your sofa table looks like mine, that I recently gave a makeover to with gray and white stripes. Looking forward to your next ‘transition’.

  10. FYI, they do have “extra long” twin mattresses and beds (it’s what they use in college dorms)…something to look into just in case you don’t want to have to fill those bedrooms with Queen size beds in the near future! :)

  11. Just to reiterate what previous poster said: I am tall and my parents (by coincidence, not planning) ended up with a surplus army bed for my room at home. It was extra long with a low foot-board. So we just had a regular sized mattress but it made me feel like my feet weren’t hanging off the end. Plus I’m guessing boys might like the idea of an army bed? No idea where to find such a thing though.

  12. Ooo, I’m banned, too. But my stubbornness doesn’t stop me.

  13. Nester… because you need a place for the white dresser, and that couch isn’t the prettiest, put the couch on the stair wall, (make sure NOT to shove it up against the wall but give it a little breathing room) and put the white dresser on the plate wall…more on the right of the plates, not centering it. Switch out rugs with your office to pull a little color in that room, and your office can handle the round fluffy rug. Put one of the end tables in the far corner with the lamp on it, (tan one), and leave the other out. Pull that chair with tan fabric and white trim from you bedroom. Put it with the other end table (blue one), and lamp, to the right of the window with the lamp more centered, chair to it’s right, and add that fluffy footstool. Pretty throw and pillows from another room, existing coffee table, and different accessories, maybe that huge white bowl…and whalla!

  14. I love that you carried that dresser down the stairs. How else are you supposed to fit in a workout? Strong and talented…that is why I adore you!

  15. What are those, dishes on the wall? I really love that idea, looks great.

  16. Oh my word – I think someone may call social services on me. Our 17 year old, 265, 6’3 boy man is still in a twin (ON THE TOP BUNK)!! Ducking….he has only said he needs a new bed once, but thinking I must prioritize it. :)

  17. My husband has the same rule!! I break it all the time. Moving furniture keeps me creative and it’s free! Happy rearranging :)

  18. Not only do I take pictures of rooms, I like to take pictures of my outfits. It helps me decide if I need to add or take away. My mom taught me the trick of taking pictures when you can’t decide if something is your style. I’m not sure why, but photography makes it all so obvious. Shouldn’t a mirror have the same effect?! :) I also just joined Vine and have my one lonesome video up! I just started following you. You can find me at lil suzy homemaker if you’re bored. :)

  19. This is so cozy looking, I want to curl up. And I adore, adore the plates on the wall..and I love white.

  20. How much fun your video is! My husband has been telling me all about Vine, and it’s fun to see a fellow blogger use it! I love being able to see your home on video. Completely different view. Great job, keep on moving your furniture around!

  21. Oh my… that coat rack… wow, where has that been all my life? *swoon*

    • z gallerie, I stalked it for a year until it went on clearance and bought the last one at our local store for $49 (this is my one and only skill, stalking something until I get it for super cheap).

  22. I have a half waxed buffet in the foyer right now. In an otherwise neutral room, it’s a nice pop of color. It’s only in there because it got too cold in the garage to finish it and I’m wondering if it should stay there!

  23. Love the giant white owl, what’s his story?

  24. You know what they say, “Shift happens.”

  25. Really your house decoration is great. I like your choice of color of wall . furniture is also very good .
    You have a nice house.

  26. I love your home :D

    btw if you want to be apart of some love sharing in this Valentine’s month be sure to check out my latest post and join in :D

    xoxo, Miss B.

  27. I laughed out loud when I saw the photo of your sofa table sitting end-up on the stairs! I can just imagine taking a break and then trotting off for the camera. Doesn’t blogging make even the most mundane activities fun? I’m still chuckling…

  28. Love the plates! i must try this!

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  29. I love the white dresser there instead of the sofa table. Also adore the chest by the stairs.

  30. Love this! Would you mind sharing where the curtains and rug are from? thanks!

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