If Your Furniture Needs to be Rescued


This story starts out like so many…so I met these friends online…


Every now and then you follow someone on instagram because she’s sickeningly talented and adorable and wears quirky glasses and he has a handlebar moustache and are they not the cutest couple ever?! Then you assume you’ll forget about them but then you see them again that same afternoon on a blog you’ve followed for years and their work is amazing and you keep seeing these people pop up every place you look.


You fall in love with their work over and over again and you start leaving comments on instagram and you like them and they like you and there’s a little trust there and then the magic of the internet starts happening and all of a sudden you are on the phone talking actual words and you hope to one day meet.

Then you plan to meet.

Because you hear their dream and it sounds so impossibly wonderful and fun and right down your alley that you can’t not get behind it and say YOU HAVE GOT to try this because this changes everything and how crazy would that be? And we are all so excited at the thought of this happening but you secretly wonder; what if everyone is afraid that they are killers and thieves (and what do I know, maybe they are?) and what do they know, maybe I am? And what do we know, maybe YOU are.

So we trust.

I’ve come to realize I’ve yet to meet any killers on the internet.

That being said, I want to introduce you to the most amazing slipcover artists you’ve yet to meet who I’m pretty sure aren’t killers.

ls slipcovers


slipcovercollage2-1024x1024Holly Mathis Interiors


Some people make things.

Other people are artists.

The difference is in the details.


When I saw these slipcovered pieces in the homes of two bloggers who I have admired for years, I perked up. Holly Mathis is known for her impeccable taste and Becki from Curious Details has been a mentor to me in styling objects (shhh she doesn’t know that). These two women are the gold standard in design, they both know the secret of mixing old and new, imperfect and elegant. Basically, I want to be them when I grow up. And both of them have pieces covered by LS Slipcovers and have bragged about them. I was sold.


The problem with finding a fantastic slipcover-er is that unless they happen to live in your town. It is cruel to even mention them because only a lucky few get to experience what they have to offer.

Not any more.

Y’all, this is quite possibly the best thing to ever happen to slipcovers.

laura & nathan

Adorable husband and wife, Laura and Nathan, founders of LS Slipcovers are gearing up to go on tour! You don’t have to live in Houston, TX to own a piece of their art (which happens to be slipcovers). They are going on a slipcover tour of the southeast:

LS Slipcovers Dixie Stampede Tour

tour datespin fit

They’ll stop by your house, pin-fit your furniture, then send everything back to their shop in Houston so it can be custom-made just for you. You’ll get your slipcover delivered to you in the mail! No missing furniture for weeks, no moving to Houston just so you can get these fantastic slips made for your furniture.

lsguidrychair.jpg-1024x1024for a client of Holly Mathis Interiors

I love looking at all the different styles, and details and ideas on their website. You won’t believe your eyes when you see some of their before and afters from the past four years. There are monograms and ties and buttons and french knots and pleats and ruffles and hand stitching and clean lines–I think they might possibly be able to do anything you can dream up with any material you can find. I saw things made with vintage sheets, drop cloths and beautiful linen.







Before and after:: at Becki’s home //Curious Details

above photos: Becki

cottage slipcovers


photos above: Tricia //Little Cottage on the Pond

The top photo used drop cloth fabric, this bottom photo Laura used vintage linens to  slip the settee.

white slipcovermy old slipcover, right before it was ruined

If there’s enough interest here in the southeast to make this tour happen, they’ll be stopping by my place to pin fit my tired toile sectional sofa. The current white slipcover has served us so well. Sadly, after we moved out to the country, this slipcover started looking so dingy (I’ll tell you why in another post, it involves science) and then, I moved the sofa to the basement and we had a flood one night when all my cushions were on the floor sitting on a black rug. Now the white slipcovers have faded black marks all over them. They are hopeless and it’s time for a new slip!


Like me, most people choose to slipcover an item because it’s well made and has proven it’s worth. This sofa is my absolute favorite piece. We had it custom-made ten years ago and it’s the most comfortable sofa I’ve ever sat, laid, wallowed and lounged in. Having an artisan like Laura from LS Slipcovers come in and create a custom piece is almost like having a wedding gown made for your furniture.


Only it’s a wedding gown you don’t have to be afraid of. You can sit on it, wash it, and enjoy it. If you have a much-loved sofa, chair, ottoman, bench, bed or whatever in your home and you desperately need a change, this is your chance to have a big change without paying to totally replace the piece.


How it works:

After you lust over LS Slipcover’s instagram feed and portfolio and look at their website, check out the fee estimates here.

* Contact the LS Slipcover team by calling 832-443-9857 or emailing at info@lsslipcovers.com *

They’ll walk you through getting all the info you need, setting up an appointment and getting the deposit and putting that into Kickstarter.

custom slipcovers

What? Kickstarter?!

Yes! This isn’t a run-of-the-mill Kickstarter campaign, unless they are coming to your city and you want a slipcover, or unless you want to support this endeavor and get a bag or sicker then, the best way you can support is to leave a comment with your state so they know where to plan to go next if this works.

This is a brand new adventure for this Made in the USA small business and the easiest, most transparent way to track support and publicly show progress is to put this tour on Kickstarter and see if there’s enough interest to make this tour a reality. No worries if you’ve never used Kickstarter before, I just supported for the first time the other day and it was completely painless and you aren’t even charged if the campaign isn’t fully supported.

Find out more about their Kickstarter endeavor here. This tour is not a done deal, Laura and Nathan and team want to see if we southerners need them badly enough to go ahead and book them. So this is your chance! Ahhhhhh, this is so exciting! If this works out, I think there will be tours of other regions planned too.

I predict there will be a time in the very near future where there will be a huge waiting list to have slipcovers made by LS Slipcovers, it’s such fun to get to be a part of this!

tour dates

(PS, pretty sure that’s supposed to be Charleston, SC)


  1. Oh wow, I love all the details in their work.

  2. oh my!

    and those fabulous pleats and teensy details are to die for.

    gorgeous . just gorgeous .

  3. Baileywife @ Irishman Acres says

    I would KILL for someone like that in the MidWest….particularly, Iowa!! Any body out there? Let me know! Have some furniture that is sentimental (but ugly) that needs slipcovered!! L.S looks amazing that is for sure….please come to IOWA!!! ~Kim (a desperate, Country-Living farmwife with ugly furniture!)

    • I agree with you! I, too, have older sentimental pieces that could use some love and I would love a midwest tour! I used to live in the South, so I’m super jealous. I hope all y’all jump on this so that they do another tour! Their work is beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Nester!!

    • Cincinnati, please. It’s on the way to Chicago. Did I mention my boys road tripped it to Austin, TX and there are lots of fun stops on the way. If you need some more motivation. :)

  4. Revolutionary!! I hope lots of readers take advantage of this Dixie Stampede! After that, come to the Midwest. Why not? We’re fun, down to earth, laid back, at least that’s what others say. Ha! All the best to you! What a neat idea. :)

    • Good evening Anne,

      I’m very familiar with how fun, down to earth, laid back and awesome Midwesterners are–I married one! Nathan grew up in KS and is always looking for a way to represent LS in his home region. Let’s find a way to make it happen.

  5. Holly Farmer says

    My heart dropped when I saw the schedule! We recently transferred from Mobile, AL to Elizabeth City, NC. :( I wish I could haul my sofa home for a visit!

    • Holly,

      We’re so sorry to have missed out on an opportunity to meet. We’re always open to ideas on how to make something work out in your favor. Send us an email, and maybe something will work out.

  6. i am so glad that you featured this amazing co. i have been in love with them from the first slip i saw. love their website and stalk it often.

  7. What beautiful slipcovers! I love their work! (I am wondering if that schedule is for Charleston, SOUTH Carolina (SC), not Charleston, North Carolina? Charleston, South Carolina is a large city with lots of places to tour. Ahh, lovely!) I’m trying to see if there may be some way to get my chair and ottoman to one of the NC cities. :)

  8. How can they tour Charlotte and Asheville but not RALEIGH??? Don’t they know all the cool people live in Raleigh??? I feel so unloved! ; ) Beautiful stuff. If I didn’t have to work for a living, I’d haul my furniture to Charlotte. I noticed the Charleston NC reference as well. Anyway, thanks for sharing, and if they have it in their hearts to make a stop in Raleigh, please let me know!!!!

    • Uta,

      We do love you. We’ve been contacted by a number of Raleigh’s awesome people, and we’re taking every request into consideration. Drop us a line if you’d like to talk. Maybe something will work out.

  9. Ohmygoodness, ohmygoodness, OHMYYYYGOOOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!! You Southerners, I am SO excited for you!!!! LsSlipcovers just slipped my big red sofa about a month ago, and I am here to tell you, it is hands down THE BEST money I have ever spent!!!! If you are worried about anything, DO NOT!!! Whatever they make, will be fabulous!!! Run, don’t walk, to your phone or email and book it now!!! Seriously, I can’t say enough good things!!! LOVE them so much and LOVE my new slip!!!!!!

  10. What? How do I live in Houston my whole life and not know this lovely couple exists making beautiful slipcovers? I need to find something for them to slipcover. PRONTO.

  11. What we need are some workshops from these folks so they can expand to other locations!

  12. Jennifer Smith says

    I’ve been following them on Instagram for some time. Not only is their work is fantastic, but they are so nice and always answer my crazy questions! I love their before and afters.

    • Jennifer,

      We don’t remember any “crazy questions,” only thoughtful ones. Thank you so much for supporting and following our work. Folks like you make it worth it.

  13. Oh wow, their work is impeccable. I love seeing what they create.

  14. Well I’m feeling pretty smart right about now with my “Laura, please make slipcovers for me” timing….whew, and just in the nick of time because next thing ya know she’ll be at Oprah’s making slipcovers! That’s how good she is.

    • Oh, Becki,

      What can we say to you? Thank you, thank you for your continued support in our work and business. We wouldn’t be here today if not for you.

      P.S. We’ve set our intentions on Oprah.

  15. My husband came home one day and declared that there was a position opening in Houston. We could relocate. My first thought was I could hire Holly for my home (we have worked together on e design and I adore her in every way) and my second thought was I could slipcover every piece of furniture I own. Did I mention I live in Canada? Well, the relocation didn’t happen, but I have talked to our lsslipcover friends, and both shipping out pieces for known furniture (pb, ikea etc) and possibly a trip waaaaay north is in the realm of possibilities. I had one chair slipcovered here, and finding a person to do it who really got what I wanted was painful. In the end it turned out well, but it would be incredible to have a slipcover artist do a few slips for me :)

    • Hi Andrea,

      In Calgary, an hour from Banf? We’re sooooo there! Let us know and we’ll start gassing up. In all seriousness, this really could be a future route in the summer. Take a nice, little trip through the Midwest and cross over into the Great White North.

  16. Hi! Do you know how much they charge? Specifically for a couch and loveseat? Just curious. Their work is absolutely gorgeous!

  17. So how will this work…they will set up in one of the cities and you bring your furniture to them? I am more than willing to go that–one if the cities only a couple of hours from me. Excited to know more! Kim

    • Hi Kim!

      Absolutely, we’re going to make stops in all of these cities and do in-home pin-fittings for slipcovers. We’re thinking of alternatives for folks who are considering coming in from out of town (which is really sweet), maybe finding a hotel or some other clubhouse area where we could set up shop for a few hours. Give us a call/text or shoot us an email to find out more.

  18. Their work is absolutely amazing! I’m in Texas…DFW area. Would be great if they made a tour through the Lone Star State! I feel sure many would take advantage of their talent.


    • Pat,

      Thanks for taking an interest in our work. Great news! We have family and good friends in the DFW, and we’re always there for one reason or another. It wouldn’t take much coercion to get us out of Houston and up north a few hours.

  19. Deborah Lynn says

    this is amazing!
    they are right here in Houston…
    where I am!
    (and I’ve never heard of them / how can that be?)
    glad glad glad

  20. SWOON! Can they come to Indiana / Cincinnati area?

  21. Please come to Minnesota!!! I am trying to gather up the motivation and courage to attempt to make a slipcover for a beloved sofa of ours that no-one in our family is willing to give up to buy a new one. To reupholster is out of our budget but the covers are falling apart. Oh my goodness, what I wouldn’t give for a beautiful slipcover for it!

    • Hey Catherine,

      Minnesota, huh? We’ve never been to the Twin Cities, but that might make a great trip. We’re huge Prince fans! We’re game to travel to wherever we’re needed, so as soon as we get a sense that there is a need for our services in a particular area, we can start organizing a trip. If you’ll be our MN leader, we’ll work something out.

  22. Gorgeous work (I’ve been a fan for awhile) and always innovating! All the best – I can’t wait to see all the works of art that come out of this :)

  23. Long tome admirer in South FL. Great place for a winter /spring trip! Maybe Nestor could dye her old ones and switch them from time to time with the new slips? Keep up the good work!

    • Good morning Gina,

      You know, just before we released any information about this tour, we were getting a lot of calls from South Florida (Orlando and Miami mostly). Our boys have wanted to see Mickey for a while now, so Florida has been on our minds for a bit. As always, if we can get enough interest in an area, we’ll be happy to go there.

  24. Come to Portland, OR, please. :)

  25. Barbara Bussey says

    Oh for heavens sake! You’re kidding? These are the prettiest slip covers everrrr!

    If I have a slip cover, can that be mailed, so they can copy the pattern?

    Living in California has its disadvantages!

    Well done,

  26. Hey Barbara,

    As far as we can tell, there are very few disadvantages to living in CA. We would love to come out west to visit sometime, but for now, a little word on making slipcovers from a pattern.

    It’s something that we’ve done with success, but it’s also something that we try to avoid as much as possible. It’s a bit like playing a game of telephone. What you end up with isn’t always what you started with. While we can make a slipcover from an already existing pattern, it may not have the great custom fit that we’re always looking for when we make patterns from pin-fitting a piece directly. It’s definitely something that we can do (and have done), but we always need to throw that disclaimer in there.

    Thanks for taking an interest in our work and enjoy sunny California!

  27. I’ve never seen such beautiful work in slipcovers! If only I lived in Charlotte.

    Now I want to know where you had your sofa made because I’m in the throws (like it’s something difficult) of trying to figure that out. My 10 year old Home Comfort sofa is still in good shape but it really just isn’t the most comfortable thing at all. It’s a few inches shy of being deep enough and I want three cushions, not two. Not worth covering. It’s red. It was 2004, duh.

    I hope this tour is beyond successful! What a great idea.

  28. Oh.MY.word!! These are the MOST beautifully creative and completely gorgeous slipcovers I’ve ever seen! I live in Charlotte. I have a small-ish glider/recliner cozy chair in my little girls room that needs some love! And possibly some dining room end chairs too!

    Is it okay if post about your Dixie Stampeded tour and all this good stuff on my Facebook wall this weekend? Would love to help you guys find enough slip-needing-southerners to get you here!

    • Wow Renee! That would be fantastic! We would love that kind of a push. Thank you so much for your support. We look forward to seeing you in Charlotte. Give us a call sometime.

      • OH y’all will LOVE meeting Renee–one of my favorites!!

      • The more I’ve imagined my beautiful dreamy LS slip cover, the more sentimental I’ve gotten remembering stories this 20year old chair has to tell. That perfectly-sized glider/swivel/recliner has a story of her own, too.

        A story that begs to be told now that she’s going to look so pretty. So, Ive decided to write a blog post about her, and L.S. Slipcovers along plus a Dixie Stampede invite on my blog. It’ll take a little more time, probably Monday. But who knows, it might lead to some other furniture rescues :)! I’ll share a link here as soon it’s up.

        And Laura I’ll give you a call. :)

        • Wow Renee!

          This is a really unexpected surprise, and we’re so grateful to you for your kindness. The people of Charlotte have already been great at contacting us, and we’re sure that, with your help, that’s only going to become more pronounced.

          Nathan is our phone and email guy (and he may or may not be the one taking point answering all of these replies), but he’ll be the one that you’ll be contacting. He’s also, by far, the coolest person working at LS Slipcovers if he says so himself.

  29. Carol Casey says

    Wait, they live in Houston? In doing the Yippee Skippee Happy dance right now. I think I’m going to have to look them up on my next visit to my daughter. Thanks for sharing



  30. Wow, amazing!

    Each slip cover is so unique and detailed. They all have their own personalities. “It’s like having a wedding gown made for your furniture”, seems to be the perfect explanation!

  31. Am I reading the kickstarter page right, that only $260 has been raised to fund this tour?

    • Hi Lexi,

      You are absolutely correct. As of now we have raised a whopping $260 for this venture!

      We’ve spent the past few days speaking with a lot of interested parties about projects , so we’re not fretting about it too much yet. We still have quite a bit of time left to make this work, and we’re trying our best to get the word out. We can use all of the help we can get though, so any kind support you would like to offer is much appreciated.

      Thanks so much!

  32. Beautiful!! I have several pieces of furniture that could really use your expertise. Want to come to Northern CO? We have wonderful breweries here. :)

    • Hi Jen!

      It’s not an issue of whether we want to or not (CO is a primo destination–Nathan practically grew up in Steamboat Springs!), but we need to have the work to make the trip. We’re already looking at another possible trip in your direction (with the possibility of ending up in Calgary), so if you have any other friends or family who need our help, enlist them in your cause.

      One last thing, future trips kinda depend on the success of this maiden voyage, so all the help, encouragement and support you can provide for this current one is always beneficial.

      Hope to meet up soon for some Fat Tires and slipcover madness!

  33. Oh Myquillyn, I read this post with growing hope and excitement (yes! I need slipcovers!) and then went crashing down into the depths of despair (Anne of Green Gables reference) because A) I don’t live in Houston and B) don’t live in the South. Woe is me! To compound my dismay, my common La-Z-Boy sofa isn’t even listed in their Ready to Wear line (which I would gladly take at this point). I’ll just crawl back into my hole of discontent with grody sofa cushions.

    • Darcy,

      No need for the discontent. We’d love to speak with you about some options for your La-Z Boy. We’d love to offer some options for getting the slipcovers you’re dreaming of. Please feel free to contact us by phone/text or email; we’ll be happy to hear from you. Even if we can’t find a way to make it work to offer our services to you, we can probably help you find a talented slipcoverer in your area.

      Hope to hear from you soon!

  34. I live in Kernersville, NC. It is between Greensboro and Winston Salem, NC> I have a sofa that I have been wanting to slipcover but have not been able to find anyone to do this. Is there a way I can have your help getting it done? Or, what can you tell me about doing this?
    Your work is fabulous!!!! LOVE IT!

  35. Hi Marie,

    Bummer. I’ve looked over our route, and, try as I might, I can’t find a way to work Kernersville into our plans. We were looking forward to the Honeybee Festival too :(

    We’d be happy to talk to you about possibly meeting in Charlotte or Asheville if you were willing to make the trip. Give us a call or email, and we’ll try to work something out.

    Take care.

  36. I was looking and admiring and coveting when I saw the little clip from the Houston Chronicle. Then I gasped because I’m in Houston, too! I’m so excited to have made this discovery. Thanks for the introduction. I’m off to visit the LS Slipcovers website!

  37. I love slipcovers and yours are gorgeous! I live up in PA and am so bummed to miss the fall tour…wondering if I can convince the hubby to ship me and a piece of furniture to one of the tour destinations :-)

    • Hi Katie,

      Don’t fret! We’re trying to come up with some alternate ways to reach folks who live outside of our tour destinations. We’d be happy to talk to you about your slipcover ideas though, so call/text or email us sometime. We love to make new friends!

  38. Asheville!! Yippeeeeeeee!

  39. Not sure if LS Slipcovers is still looking at comments. I’m a little behind on reading my favorite blogs. I have come across your business before and visited your site. Your work is all about the details, well done and beautifully thought out. I saw the mention of Nathan being from Kansas. I live in Olathe and love to sew. While I am not professionally trained in slip cover construction, I would love to apprentice if the need arises, especially if you do decide to make a mid-west tour. Thank you for keeping beautiful craftsmanship alive in the USA!!

  40. Hi Laurie,

    Nathan is actually a Lawrence kid and a proud Jayhawk.

    We’d love to speak with you about your idea for apprenticeship. Give us a call/text or email us at info@lsslipcovers.com.

  41. Franklin, TN

  42. Love this blog, we are helping people find similar information, incredible sale and low prices, please check out our site and like us on FB..

  43. Debbie Klausing says

    Wondering if you have any plans to come to Louisville, Ky?

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