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Ohhhh locals!

If you are near Charlotte, NC this Saturday I’d love for you to come out to join me at Lowe’s of Central Charlotte. I’ll be joining my friend Emily A. Clark and we’ll each have a simple DIY project that you can make while you are there, and we are also offering free design consultations (spaces limited). How fun is that?

Just drop by Lowe’s this Saturday 10-2 or, if you want to make sure you get a spot for a consultation, email Lowe’s at:

(UPDATE: Consultations are all filled up so sorry!)

If you are coming for a room consult, be sure to bring anything that could be helpful, swatches, photos, and have your Pinterest app on your phone so we can look at any ideas you love for the space. We won’t have a huge amount of time to work on your space but hopefully I can help get you unstuck or answer that one burning question you have!


If you follow me on instagram I’ve been playing around with wallpaper, and this weekend is why. I’ll share what I’ve been working on this Saturday at Lowe’s and then on the blog in the next few weeks, so if you aren’t local, you still can be in on the fun.

Hope to see you there!

Lowe’s of Central Charlotte

217 Iverson Way

Charlotte NC 28203


  1. I wish I lived in the area! Have fun!! x

  2. Okay, just added you to my post now that I know it’s “official”. Didn’t want anyone to show up and be disappointed when they just got me :) Excited to see you Saturday!

  3. How fun for your locals!! NC, show up at Lowe’s!

  4. So much fun!

  5. Man, I wished I was local and I’d come with swatches and chips and pins and nerves and a shy hick smile and just be wowed by what you do, M. :)

  6. Oh geez…can’t you come do one of these in CA??? Would be so fun to get tips in person. Have a ball :).

  7. Nester!! This sounds like so much fun ad here I am smack dab in the middle of Missouri. My chances of getting to NC are slim to none. Bummer! One would think in Mid- Missouri, with all of the quaint little towns abounding, that flea markets, second hand stores and thrift stores would flourish . I can tell you there is a dearth of any such thing. If I want anything or to browse around at things or want to see anything such as your event at Lowe’s this weekend, I am at least a days drive to Illinois where things begin to pickup somewhat. Are you aware of anything in Missouri that I might have missed? BTW, after all of these years, I realized that I’m still calling you Nester, would you prefer Myquillyn, such a beautiful and interesting name.

  8. This is very exciting! So glad to be local…I will definitely be there! Can’t wait to see what you have to share. Is it a pop in/out event? Or will you be sharing things over the 4 hours? I hope there are still consultation spots!

  9. A bit off topic from the post, but I signed up for the Hope-ologie over the weekend…I must have entered my email address wrong, because I’m not able to log in and access the content. Is there a way to correct that? Thank you much!!

  10. Hi Nester,

    It is so sad that I don’t live that area. Your book was so inspirational, especially so for an expat like me. This was a chance to meet you and Emily in person. I am not sure what tips you are going to share, but anything that is related to sprucing up the dated furniture would have been some bonus :-)
    Hope someone will post a video of the event.Reading about this and watching is so different.

    Not sure why Lowes doesn’t have such events in our area .I take my daughter for the builder’s program, but that is for kids.

    Anyways, I am sure you girls are going to rock it.. All the best.


  11. I want to come! It’s a long haul from OKC. Y’all have fun. :)

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