One Month Progress

family room

Family room after one month.


The wall paper border came off really easily with a water and vinegar mix.


and then we painted two coats of Kilz primer and one coat of Simply White color matched to Behr paint.


Our TV is massive in this little house…


facing that same way but now most of the wall on the left is gone and open to the kitchen.


fireplace currently-how many people am I annoying with it only 95% primed? I still need to paint a few coats of paint on the fireplace but just getting 95% of it primed feels really great.




soon to be 16-year-olds room.


my dad’s in the back doing the grunt work of cutting in with the black paint before this happy teen gets to paint his wall black. He had one black wall in his old room and really liked it.


this was his room before–3 minutes before this photo there was a wall paper boarder that peeled off super fast.


this is the little boy’s room. And by little I mean 12 and 13. They’ve shared a room most of their life.


their room the day we closed on the house. Why, WHY is the window off center? Even on the outside of the house it’s off center.


their room a week after we closed, painted the walls a fresh coat of white, peeled up the carpet to find pet stained sub floor. I am a crazed lunatic and insist we pay cash for everything now so no new carpet for them while we are redoing the kitchen.


we sanded and then primed and painted their sub floor and then added rugs.


then we sprinkled on some dirty clothes to make it nice and homey.


here’s the before of that same corner.


the upstairs bathroom, sadly this top photo is currently. the water is turned off up here until the plumbing is done in the kitchen so this bathroom is currently low on our make it presentable list.


here’s the before.


the one corner of our house that feels normal.


that same corner, before.


and this is how we lived in the house for 3 weeks until we moved our big stuff. Mom and I removed the wallpaper border with vinegar and water in a spray bottle. This was a little more stubborn than the flower border but we had it done in well under an hour.



I haven’t painted this room yet. Our dressers fit in the closet at the rental. I forgot how red they were. They are currently driving me a little bit batty.



I realized I never took a photo of our bathroom. I wonder why?


here’s what the pool looked like at first.


then our pool doctor came and put this stuff in it that made the dark stuff collect at the bottom.


then he vacuumed that dark stuff up.


then they swam.



I never showed you the little cedar lined bathroom on the back porch. It smells heavenly and I love this room.

mud room

here’s the laundry room. my husband’s idea was to put the washer and dryer against the left side, it makes much more sense when you walk through the room and one day we’ll remove that little cabinet hung high in case giants stopped by to do some laundry.


Some of our next door neighbors.


the porch 3 weeks ago.


the porch today. sadly. we had to make room for us in the house so all the tools and such are living on the porch.


old kitchen.


torn out kitchen


cleared out space for storing future kitchen while we unbox and put the cabinets together


my kitchen in boxes.


hello lover.

about 18 times a day I walk over and move the boxes so I can look at the range.


side view of the current kitchen


our new refrigerator (thanks for your help, I read the comments to my husband as we were driving around refrigerator shopping!) it’s the Kenmore Elite and we got it for 40% off the list price from Sears Outlet because it has a small dent on each side.


we also have a basement. I think it used to be a garage. I try not to go down here.


because exposed ugly ducts, flickering florescent lights and drop ceiling skeletons are my personal nightmare. Next to waking up and discovering I’m a hoarder. This is where the work had to be done to fix the structure issues. It’s all nice and sturdy now so the ‘fun’ work can start.


this room will one day hold the leather sectional and maybe a ping pong table and stuff. it has doors that walk out to a screened in porch that leads to the pool or you can walk to the pond.


screened porch

Here’s the crazy little screened in porch. Above it is the bay window from the kitchen.


So many colors and textures begging me to make them all be friends.


my favorite part is the floor of course.

And that’s where we are so far.


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