torn out kitchen

Moving right along, the ceiling in the kitchen is down. We had a little structural issue up there that had to be repaired, when the house was built someone decided to cut a pretty important piece of wood so the pipes could run straight. Meanwhile, said wood was sagging. So I lost 3.5 inches off the depth of the kitchen, but that was much less expensive than trying to keep those inches while correcting the problem. That’s the kind of issue we’ve been happy that our contractor has solved for us. I’ve had such peace of mind knowing that this kind of stuff is way beyond what we know and care to work on ourselves.


The light colored wood running horizontal is new. So is the fat wood that runs up and down. My apologies to everyone who knows the actual terms for stuff like this. But if you look where the old wood is cut at the pipe you can even kind of tell in the photo that the wood was sagging.  So Wes & Josh and the team built some extra support. Now it’s all nice and strong thanks to that fat wood. I am so laughing right now at the fact that I’m trying to communicate this. Forgive me.


Also, since that kitchen wall is opened up, we can easily move the word’s worst placed thermostat. That kitchen wall is directly behind the white sofa.

before kitchen

Here’s the before.


Here’s our temporary kitchen.

temporary kitchen

Classy. There’s also a griddle on the hearth. Kind of makes it feel like olden times when I sit in front of the fireplace on the floor and cook.

We are going to be purchasing a refrigerator this week with all the Labor Day Sales. I’m leaning to french/cafe doors with the freezer on the bottom. We have an extra fridge that will be right downstairs in the basement too. Any thoughts on refrigerators? Do you love or hate yours that you recently bought?