grandfather clockSomething bothered me the first time I saw my grandfather clock.

uni-clockDo you see it? That little piece of thin decorative wood at the top. What in the world?

I’m sure it’s probably some important part that makes expensive clocks nice and royal looking but on this cheap-o replica that I bought knowing I would paint over it, it just looked bad. The clock is in the foyer with the front door to the right and the family room to the left so I saw its profile from the sides often, not just the front, so of course, I always stared at that dumb piece with hate in my eyes.

real unicornvia

It always reminded me of this.



Or this.



So I begged my husband to get rid of that crazy piece because I was ready to break it off if I had to look at it one more day. And I do not have a steady hand so if I tried to cut it off it would look like a disasterous buzz cut.


And now it reminds me of Seth.

Clock Godin.

bald clock

Surgery took 15 minutes in our garage with a dremel tool. And then I took 27 seconds and touched up the paint with a paper towel and some random white paint.


Ahh much better. Now if I want my clock to have horns or a wig, I can do so without that pesky piece of wood.

horned clock

I bought the clock last year from Joss & Main (my referral invite) see the before photos here.