DIY Polyhedra and Friends

make your own polyhedra

The other day I gasped as my boys walked out of their science class. They were holding what I later learned was a polyhedra.

polyhedra faceted

I had always called it that cool shapey, faceted thing I’ve had on my table for over a year. Now my boys were walking out each carrying one of these wonderful things. They said it was easy and fun to make. What?! How?!…

diy faceted shape

Here’s how to make your own, they used masking tape in their class, seems a little easier. Here’s a better visual.


They were excited to see a larger version at Epcot a few weeks ago.


Once I started googling around I was slightly amazed at what I found. Given enough paper and patience you can make almost anything. How about a garland with templates? Yes, please.


Now I’m slightly obsessed with this pink star, she even has a template but watch out, it can take an hour to create.

912d3fd1321cdcd53e8abf4f0d1d6002Lydia Kasumi Shirreff

Not for the beginner.  I now have a huge appreciation for this.


And this wows. Make your own conversation piece via oh happy day

6418cb2015ee88932e1b83b0718023a4sarah wood

And it all reminds me of the beautiful faceted lighting that’s going around.


Jennifer Lopez home designed by Thom Felicia?

What about you, have you made, collected, spotted interesting faceted, geo, polyhedra awesomeness you want to share?

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  1. So fun to see the connection of math and science in home decor! Plus for some reason today, your mention of googling made me laugh. It is yet another sign of the fact that language is a living, breathing part of our world.

  2. Those are so cool. I’d love to try one out.

  3. I so want to make one now!

  4. I’m a doodler. And when I doodle, it’s usually a polyhedra. But I always called it an epcot thingy.

  5. I love that pink star! Can you imagine a string of those across the room? Hours of entertainment…

  6. I made one inspired by Katie at Bowerpowerblog. I think she used plastic straws and thred which I couldn’t make work. Instead, I used thin paper straws and a glue gun and I love it!

  7. Danielle says

    What a lovely project for a child and parent to work on together, then display in the home! I think I’ve found my next creative project for my daughter.

    And hate me for this if you must, but I delight in correct grammar and the like: polyhedra is plural. Polyhedron is singular. The polyhedron your son made looks like an icosahedron. Math can be beautiful!

  8. Cristina says

    What a coincidence that this is your post today…I just read the following post on iheartorganizing’s blog yesterday by a guest writer and I’m loooving her laundry room light!

  9. Thank your sons – what a great idea!!!!! I feel sure if you made it larger, it would be great light fixture.

  10. You amaze me. You inspire me. I miss you. xo

  11. I has neon polyhedra decorating my room when I was in Jr. High. :) Good times. I think some more neutral ones (Kraft paper? yes, please.) would be a very striking addition to even a “grown up” space.

  12. *had

  13. Awesome! (And just FYI: polyhedron is singular, polyhedra is plural.)

  14. Here’s our gingerbread house from two years ago.

  15. It’s always fun when my boys teach me something new…I big puffy heart their love of learning!

    Of course you could bring a science lesson around to decorating! Beautiful post! Hugs to you and your family!


  16. This reminds me of Finnish design. Look up Himmeli on Etsy. They even come in brass.

  17. I love kids science projects, and you have made me realize their true beauty. We actually began homeschooling this year, and this looks like a gorgeous and educational project for us. And afterwards, we’ll be proud to hang it up. Thanks for posting something chic and smart!

  18. interesting! I like the geometric trial and facilities

  19. Buy your boys Zome Tools. Get them on ebay (much cheaper & used)… they will love it. My son has been building these for months.

  20. This looks like a fun project – I may give a try myself :-) The faceted lighting is awesome – it definitely has similarities to the Polyhedra! Great blog – thank you

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