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Yesterday I was suddenly in need of a quick change in our family room but I didn’t want to go buy something. I had that wood frame that’s waiting for photos to be printed out–wait, who am I kidding, I haven’t even taken the photos yet. It’s gonna be a little while until I get around to it. I grabbed another small wood frame that I bought for the upstairs gallery wall, again, they are doing nothing for me now but waiting to be used upstairs. With 5 minute art, even if I just use something for a week, it’s worth it.

5 minute wall art

I quickly painted white odd-shaped dots on the paper that was already in the thrifted frame. Back there behind it is another 5 minute wall art I did ages ago–a spray-painted white sea fan hot glued to a run-of-the-mill chalkboard.

super fast wall art

I usually have a few spare canvases (canvi?) around the house. I painted this one black a few weeks ago. Why not just quickly brush on some white paint? For now?

inexpensive wall art

inexpensive wall art

And some Ikea fabric and my last frame…

easy wall art

Here’s the hand, next to some 5 minute water-color I did last year.

5 minute wall art

I always hesitate to publish posts like this for fear that everyone will simply think “but I don’t like those dots and lines, this blog is dumb, I don’t like that style”. PLEASE know, this post is not about style. It’s about ideas. It’s about shopping the house and using what you have in a creative way. Dots and lines worked for me today because they are easy. Maybe in your house it’s letters and numbers or stripes and plaids or moons and rainbows, I don’t care. The point is to stop waiting for perfect and just do something for fun with what you have.

spotted chairs

For funs, here was a little of my inspiration. Caitlin Wilson used a sharpie and spotted her ikea chairs with this fabric in mind.

les touches

Les Touches

 whitlock & co



whitlock & co


Kelly Wearstler

For my next trick I’m hoping to hack this Kelly Wearstler fabric. I saw it at Angela’s and demanded the name. She suggested I DIY it and as usual, she’s brilliant. I like it because it’s classically imperfect. Also, Angela is the queen of pairing quirky combinations.

Do you have any 5 minute wall art?