I had to throw this picture at the top, I can’t stand the mess that is every other picture in this post….


I’m slowly moving forward on the bonus room/family room/homeschool room/man room that is the upstairs room over the garage. We’ve never really finished it. It’s always been a room with blankets and popcorn on the floor and it’s served us well but, I’m ready for it to be more functional and look more presentable.

The wall over this sofa is going to be a gallery wall.


Here’s the beginning of what I have to work with. I’m shooting for black and white and wood and once I figure out what color we are adding to the room, if any besides blue, then I’ll add in some of that. I’m getting some photos printed up and ordering a large gallery wrapped canvas that I’m excited about. Otherwise, I’m shopping the house for anything that could possible work and keeping my eyes open at thrift stores. If something amazing screams my name–like that shapely frame from World Market, I’ll consider it.


Back behind the sectional is a really odd space. I’ve got two small, thin black sofa tables that are in another room that might work like desks back here. I’d rather not have to purchase something but I’m open to it once I get the rest of the room in process.


The hanging of the drapes is going to be a fiasco. I like ’em hung high but the ceiling is at an angle. I did find some wonderful black velvet drapes at Ikea –the pair for $39!


I got the black and white rug from Joss & Main and it’s just laid out folded in half for now, on top of the other rug.  We’ll be painting this room in the next week or so. It’ll look about the same in pictures, I’m going with my favorite, Simply White–the same color I used downstairs. This room hasn’t been painted since the builders put a thin coat of pinky white up 5ish years ago. It desperately needs a fresh coat. On either side of the TV are two nooks.  A twin bed perfectly fits in there so for now we have a few mattresses piled up. It seems like a shame to not try to get creative with that.


What this room lacks in tables it makes up for in chairs. I’ve been on the lookout for months for super sturdy tables. Yes, we actually turn on that lamp at night, cue Sanford and Son.  This room is being used every day while I plot and plan.


Another chair being used as a table. I’m coming to terms with the fact that it might be time to be done with the pair of chairs and matching ottomans. You’ll be the first to know if I get rid of them.


Here’s a little peek at what I thought could be a good idea. When I saw Mandi’s sharpie wall I immediately thought it looked kind of like it was planked with boards with little spaces. So I got a marker and just in the corner, before we painted I drew some lines to see how it looked. I actually think it could be great, I’m just not sure it’s what I want for this room.


Lastly, the thrifted lamp has a home for now. I really should peel off that green sticker. He sits on the $99 table from HomeGoods. I gave up. This table is perfectly imperfect and has six legs–super sturdy!  And can comfortably sit in front of a bookshelf if I ever find one the right height and width that I like.


This little guy will fit in somewhere in the room as well and I’ll still need to add a low bookcase and a few more tables.  But, he’s on his way from One Kings Lane. So that’s the update for now. Nothing all that exciting but that’s what happens when most of the decisions are being made.