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If you are local to Charlotte you might have heard my baby sister, Emily chatting it up in the mornings with Eric on New Life 91.9.  They are doing a four-week series complete with videos (remember, they filmed them at my house?) based on her books Grace for the Good Girl and Graceful.  The first video is here, the second here, the rest…are yet to come.

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Did you know that my dad, Gary Morland is a blogger too?  He started years before both me and Emily.  Dad’s the guy everyone goes to for advice.  He knows how to make decisions and is generous enough to share his thoughts with us.  I love his most recent post about How to Pray for a Sofa.  He also has two ebooks Scary Hope and From Beer to Eternity.


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My husband recently spoke at our church.  If you are folding laundry and doing dishes today, click over and listen (you can even watch it if you want), he’s talking about : BUSY.