This is going to be a housekeeping post.

No, I’m not going to write about how to keep house, but, it’s a post to clean up a few things.  So there’s gonna be a lot of stuff in this one post because I want to tell you many-a-thing.

First, I’m still gathering stuff for the Big Sale on Saturday.  And, I’ve second guessed myself on selling the glass coffee table. I forgot how nice it was to have all that display area. Either way, I’ll have this glass coffee table to sell or else a pretty navy trunk. It’s a win win. Also, we are not doing any early sales because I’m a sale tyrant and am really weird about that. Poor Angela has had to put up with me. And if you email and ask me how much something is ahead of time, forgive me, but I probably can’t answer back. I don’t blame you if you want to come slug me with that cute lantern. But, another news story is that I switched fabric softeners and last night I got a red itchy rash on half my body.  I’m in a bit of a mood. So thank you for rolling your eyes at me and then moving on.

In other news, my husband and boys made more stump tables. I. Want. All. Of. Them. But a few will be for sale at the Big Sale from $60-$135. Or you can get one from West Elm for $199 plus shipping or you can do what I did and beg your husband to get his chainsaw and belt sander and make you a few. Again with the win win.

My sister recorded a video at my house Monday. Wait, that makes it sound like it was a music video. It wasn’t, but we did have some music.

Reeve did an impromptu song for us. Her. Voice. Y’all. There are no words. If you want to see Reeve singing here’s a video that Duane, the video dude made of Reeve singing Night Owl. You can buy her music and sign up for her email list here.

Reeve’s voice and the show Nashville are the only reasons I’m able to make it through the Civil Wars breakup.  Also, I’m trying to talk Reeve into singing at the Big Sale. And PS, I think I’ve talked Emily into coming to the Big Sale too, she’ll have her two books Grace for the Good Girl and Graceful to sell and sign.

And more Emily!  It’s not mine to tell you what this video is but,

you’ll be able to see it in January, don’t worry, I’ll remind you.

Here’s a picture of the current situation in the slowest room makeover on earth. It’s only been about five months now and there are four items in this room. I had to pull the comforter out of the sale stuff (for the second time) you can even see the tag. Maybe I need to go ahead and decide on some bedding for this bed? Also, anyone know where I can find lined, black velvet drapes? For not a million dollars?

Can’t get enough of my riveting writings? I wrote a guest post for my long time friend Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy. She’s doing a series on Jewelry Storage so I shared my life changing jewelry storage method.

Some of our favorite bloggers are in Peru with Compassion International. I cannot get enough of the posts from Jen, Layla and Kevin, Angie (with two of her daughters) and of course Shaun.  Somehow I know all of these people in real life (but for Angie’s daughters).  And love them all. You’ll want to follow along with their trip, all the posts are gathered together here to make them easier to find. Read about my trip to Tanzania with Compassion here if you missed it.

thanks is for giving


Thanks is for giving, click here to download and print.
A Printable for you from Colette’s talented mind to your home, you can cut it and frame it or use it in its original form, print it on card stock cut where it says and fold it as a card to giveaway.  Set one at each of the seats at the Thanksgiving table as a gift.

Lastly, winners of Inspired You will be chosen and emailed today, I’ll announce them here on Saturday.

PHEW, that’s a wrap!