matte finish

New Year’s Eve (after eagerly working on my puzzle for a few hours) I texted Karrie and Reeve and Maria to see what they were wearing so I would know if I could get away with wearing my old yoga pants or if I should get fancy and put my new yoga pants on for Maria’s party.

karrie & maria

Karrie and Maria sent back a photo as a reply…. sequins.  They both happened to have on sparkly shirts?! Was it a coincidence?  Why would they both have on shiny shirts? Then I remembered, this is New Year’s Eve, women everywhere are sparkling.

I. Have. Nothing. Sequins. And am pretty sure I never have.  But once I got to the house I saw how glorious a little sequins can be. They sparkled. In all the right ways. My clothes were all neutral. And also not shiny whatsoever. I was matte.  Eggshell finish at best.  I’m all wood beads and grey wool sweater and black leggings. No shiny lips for me unless I just got done popping on some Nivea chapstick. Really, I should have just worn a nun’s habit, leaving out the attention-getting, flashy cross necklace of course, too blingy for me!


The next day as I thought about their shirts and why it never occurred to me to get one shiny thing to wear, I also realized that almost all of my house is matte.


It’s all painted furniture and book page wreaths and wood candlesticks and baskets and slipcovers and leather and velvet and sailfish and antlers.

Which maybe is why I bought that disco ball last year.

disco ball

And how the best place for it (besides in a sunny spot) is next to something rustic.  They become like mates, the disco ball and the something rustic, an introvert and an extrovert.  A girl who wants to do a puzzle on New Year’s Eve married to a man who could stay out all night chatting it up with everyone. Something feminine, something masculine. Something shiny something matte.  Something round something faceted.

glittered feather

I’ve never been a glitter girl until I glittered those feathers and I’m realizing the reason I like it so much is 1. it’s unexpected and two, glitter and natural feathers are such a quirky combination.

a little sparkle

So I’m keeping an eye out for places in our home to add a little sparkle.  Which is why I bought that soft yet sparkly pillow cover a few weeks ago.  It’s keeping it fresh, it’s keeping me young and bling-y.  Here’s another room where I noticed something was working out for the better in our house: Opposites and the Art of Inspiration.

Also, if you are wondering what I wore on New Years Eve?  I ended up wearing this….


Swarovksi-encrusted nun habit via sister act

Do you have a quirky combination in your own home? Sometimes they happen by accident, sometimes they are planned but oftentimes they are that sumpin’ sumpin’ that makes your rooms feel alive and fun.

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