Adding Bling to a Chandelier


Back before the Holidays I ran across a box of loose chandelier crystals. I purchased an ugly pendant light at a yard sale a few years ago, just for the crystals. I think I even took the crystals off right there at the trunk of our car and threw the fixture away in a trash can that was sitting on the street.

DSC_0241 2

Here’s a re-enactment of how I just looped the hook over one of the existing crystals.  The teardrop shaped crystals came with the chandelier, I added the long ones.  It’s just a tiny change but it adds a little more sparkle and give the little light more presence.

DSC_0244 2


  1. You have vision! I’m fascinated by what you buy for what it is and what you buy for parts to repurpose. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. We did the same thing! My dad found a beautiful chandelier sitting in front of the dumpster and brought it home just for the crystals.

    I’ve also used Christmas ornaments that looked like chandelier crystals.

    • That’s so smart to use Christmas ornaments, now I’m wondering what else I can hang from it, just hanging those extra crystals made such a huge difference (in person at least, I promise).

  3. Yeah, nice vision! Very cool.

  4. You can never have too much sparkle!

  5. Very creative :)

  6. I just dismantled a chandalier for a few of the crystals. I have had to rig the because there are no spaces but it’s working, so I’m not complaining!

  7. Here’s a tip for all you cystal chandelier lovers that I learned when we lived in Europe: to quickly and safely clean your crystals so they sparkle, fill a plastic container deeper than your longest crystal, with 1/2 rubbing alcohol and 1/2 water. Dip each crytal in and out and then let it drip or carefully catch the drip with a dry washcloth. I can take the bobeches off my chandy without removing the 5 cyrstals so I use a plastic bowl that is just large enough for the whole unit and then set it to dry on a towel before putting it back up. If you are cleaning a chandy over your dining table, be sure to put a thick towel on the table to catch the drips! Enjoy the sparkle!

  8. I love blingy chandeliers! We have one in our current rent house and I’m wondering if they’d miss it when we move out…

  9. Oo, pretty!! Definitely adds some beautiful bling.

  10. OMG OMG I have the same chandelier as you! I am ridiculously excited by this. Great idea on the extra crystals!

  11. I love this! I think this post helped me narrow down what kind of bling I like … classic bling! :D I’m not as formal or classic and lean more natural and rustic, but I do love this and see it as a perfect accent. Kind of like glass doorknobs in a rustic room.

  12. love the added bling. great touch! chandy’s’ are rather fun to take a risk on. well done!

  13. So charming and pretty. Good idea!

  14. I love how crystals seem to reflect and enhance the light besides looking great, too.

  15. That looks super pretty! I did the same thing. I added an old necklace to a cheap chandelier from Kohl’s (!!) for my daughter’s room. It makes it so much prettier!

  16. this girl will not say nay to bling.
    hardly ever.
    LOVE IT!

  17. The more sparkle the better I always say. Lovely!

  18. I wish I had the ability to pick something out on the merits of how its parts could be used to enhance something else! We have a beautiful blinging chandelier, but I bought it that way. :)

  19. Love it!

  20. I too had that same chandelier. I did a million things to it. Some of them fabulous. I say go lots of bling things or go home. But the cleaning of those crystal drops, ack. I finally got a drum shaded three arm. I’m not completely thrilled with it as it looks like doo in a mirror on the wall behind. But I’m not thinking of cleaning the crystals.
    Your pictures are very nice.

  21. OMG…I just came across a whole box of crystals and do not know what to do with them! Great idea. For a second there I thought I should post them bc someone creative can really put them to use!

    Stephanie Fig :)

  22. I <3 this! Your chandy looks great! Makes me think of the magnetic crystals you can buy from Ballard Designs. Have you seen 'em? It's such a cool idea to me. Checkie:

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