best gifts under $15

This year I asked some of my girlfriends, the original favorite things party girls, to submit their favorite things along with mine:

Gussy: Essie Nail Polish in Mint Candy Apple $6.05

Ellen: Dipped Measuring Cups “One of my favorite things is fancy measuring cups. I spend so much time in the kitchen and sometimes, especially at the end of a long day, I like a bit of pretty when I’m putting together dinner.” $12.99


Tracy:“I have been dying to tell everyone about this eye cream (yes, I am an old lady and now need eye cream BUT this stuff works!) I have been using it for over a year and it truly brightens the skin around my eyes, is very moisturizing and smells divine”.Organic Coffee Bean Eye Cream,… by 100% Pure Cosmetics for $12.50

Caroline: She never steers me wrong.  If she likes something, then I’m sure to like it.  The only thing that makes me worry about our friendship is that she can’t eat dairy.  I’m always all “you can’t eat cheese? What else is there to even eat?” I’m astounded that she survives without cheese. Anyway, one of her favorite things is : House at Riverton

When I googled the book all these covers came up.

My newest favorite thing is the Nature’s Wick candle in Vanilla Dolce.  Caroline and her family spent a few days at our house last month and now this candle is on her favorite things list too.  It’s a wooden wick candle that crackles as it burns.  Someone even made a youtube video of  it crackling. My boys insist that I light this candle every night.  I usually buy them at Target for about $14 (they don’t have my flavor online) but sometimes I can find them at Home Goods for $11ish.  I don’t ever buy that size pictured because it’s a 3 wick, and although I can imagine how a symphony of 3 wood wicks burning at the same time sounds, my experience with three wick candles is that they burn away faster than regular one wick candles.  I like the single wick.

And I have one more, Hayley told us about this Persian Garden Oil, when she came to my house back in the spring she smelled wonderful, this is why.  It’s $7.99 and I get compliments all the time.

Your turn, what’s your favorite thing (or things) this year?

best gifts under $15