Snow Lanterns & Terrariums

I have a few lanterns and glass candle holder things in pretty shapes around my house.  And when I decorate for Christmas, instead of going out and buying a bunch of “Christmas Decor” I try to Christma-tize what I already have.

All I did was take some of my lanterns, some Epsom salt (ok I might have used sugar on one) some candles and pretend succulents, ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape, a star-shaped punch and about 1/100 of an ounce of chalk paint.

First I just randomly punched out some stars. I got this little star punch from Michael’s Craft Store for $1.  The trick to punching out sticky tape is to keep the unsticky side up against the top ceiling of the punch so it pretty much just slides in and  out if you have a steady hand.

Grab whatever you want to embellish with snow. For me, it was this globe lantern that I filled with pretend snow and some pretend succulents.  There’s a lot of pretending going on here. Then, randomly place your tape to mimic falling snow.

I recommend using non-watery paint. So if your paint is runny let it sit out for a while until it gets less watery.  Then use your brush to kind of dry-brush on your paint.  Stipple it on like if you were doing a stencil.  Make sure you’ve pressed down the tape with your finger around all the star points.

Then remove your tape, you really don’t even need to wait until it’s completely dry.  No two snowflakes are alike, just like in nature.

I embellished the black lantern too.  For this one I used the same piece of tape all the way around. Just moving it in different positions to make the best snow.

I hung the two globe lanterns over the sofa.  Did you notice, the white sofa is back?  I’ll tell you all about our crazy sofa moving adventures very soon, for now, just know I am a crazy furniture moving maniac.  We even put up a little pulley system.  I use the word “system” just to sound fancy.

I bought that pulley (such a weird word suddenly) at Lowe’s for less than $3.  We already had a hook up there but, it turns out that hook had a decorative fat end so I couldn’t get the little hole in the pulley over it.  My husband said he’d fix it for me but I’m super impatient with stuff like this so “for now” (famous last words) I just tied a little twine to hold it.  He can’t stand it when I rig things up like that so I’m sure it will all be fixed post-haste.

And then we put this thing on the wall to wrap the rope around.

They are pretty during the day but when I light the candles at night, they turn magical.  Actually, I just put these here for the photos, I really use the big black lantern with the cover here so I can safely burn candles.  I don’t recommend burning a candle under a rope that is holding the heavy, burning candle and holder, it could become a disaster. But it’s great for pretend succulents!

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This post is a collaboration with ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape. To join the creative community visit for more information and stop by ScotchBlue Tape’s Pinterest Page or the ScotchBlue Facebook Page.

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  1. I love the customization of your usual decor for Christmas. I was in two houses yesterday where the amount of Christmas decor was amazing. I surely admire it in others’ homes but in my own, it would make me crazy. Turns out I like holiday accents, not holiday revamps.

    • I’m the same EXACT way, I’ve slowly purged most of my “christmas decor” because I would put it out and then a few days later, take it down because it annoyed me.

  2. I love that. I have Epsom Salts in a blue Mason jar with a candle right now. I need to get some globes for this purpose. Lovely.

  3. I love that pulley idea for all those who still have those hooks in the ceilings from way back in the day. An old vintage zinc one would be so cool …

  4. So creative and fun to use what you have. And the little snowflakes are magical.


  5. Oh, my word, I love the blackboard in the fancy frame with the word “emmanuel” written on it. And I like your snowflakes, too! ;-)

  6. You are so clever! I really enjoy your posts… thank you for sharing!

  7. I can NOT stand the “sofa suspense”……. FINALLY, someone who moves their furniture around as much as I do!!! You are definitely a fun person and your posts are delightful!!

  8. This is so very pretty! I love the pulley system, and very cute stenciling on the snowflakes.
    Debbie :)

  9. That “thing on the wall” is a boat cleat. Lovely post!

  10. I find nothing unusual about frequent (daily, whatever) furniture moving. It’s like furniture speed-dating. It makes it all around the house and visits with all the other furniture. And then it gives up on dating and goes to hang out with its besties. Until such time as it feels like dating again! (I have no speed-dating experience. I have only seen it on TV. I have, thankfully, been married to Prince Charming for 22+ years! I do have unlimited furniture-moving experience.)

  11. What a cute idea! And I love that you just changed up your regular decor a bit….not a total Christmas overhaul. I’ve gotta get some of those terrariums & fake succulents….love the look!

  12. at the risk of sounding middle schoolish…
    you’re so cool!

  13. How amazing! You slay me every time… what gorgeous and creative snow lanterns!

  14. I love the snowflakes on the glass, and I have a punch that is a snowflake, I may tackle that today. Such a great idea, I love it.

  15. I really love your decorating style. Just lovely! Want to come decorate my house? ;)

  16. I love these lanterns with the snow/salt/sugar. I have been wanting to make a terrarium, but find it hard to find the tiny interesting plants. Also love the snowflakes, very creative. Thanks!

  17. While admiring your clever skills… I noticed the white sofa back and out loud said “hey!” haha..
    but, really, love that simple touch to the hurricanes! :-)

  18. I love your fake snow and tiny snowflakes everywhere. That is my kind of holiday decorating … simple and not stored year after year.

    Be sure to share about the leather sofa. I’ve been so excited to get more ideas for my leather sofa. I was thinking “simple and natural” but with more femininity than Restoration Hardware’s version of leather and natural, IYKWIM?

  19. I love the white sofa there….just feels right for Christmas.
    The pulley!!!!! Okay… get a gazillion gold stars for that one.
    And the stars on the jars….I absolutely must do. Um. I need to score some lanterns or globes first. :D teehee!
    Merry Christmas!!

  20. Michelle Campbell says

    Not many blogs illicit my comments, but I can’t seem to resist “talking” to you. I’ve sailed on oil tankers (ships) for the last 24 years…so, I have a pretty nautical bend. You have “rigged a block and tackle and secured it to a cleat” . Now, I’m sure all that really matters to you *eye-rolling here*. What’s really important here is: GEEZ! That’s clever! (I’ll be using this idea is the little attic bedroom that looks like a ship’s cabin.) Thanks.

  21. Well, I definitely had to pin that for a future project. I am always using boat dock tie downs around here!
    Thanks for the great idea,

  22. Very creative, a new use for painters tape. Thx for sharing. I especially love your lanterns. Heather

  23. And I meant to post that I thought your title said “Snowflakes and Tantrums”. A ha ha ha ha.


  24. I’d love to add the paint stars to my lanterns, but I definitely don’t want it to be permanent. Does the method you used wash off? If not, do you have suggestions? Thanks

  25. I think that is a very unique idea. You made a good idea even better with the pulley and rope. Well done!

  26. What a wonderful creative mind you have, woman! I get so inspired seeing your blog and several of your friends. Most of my Christmas gifts are being made at home this year because of you all. Thanks so much, K

  27. Just yummy!

  28. Erin Lavallee says

    love what you have done. I have been wanting to do a terrarium for a while,
    does the salt harm plants?

  29. Where did you get those curtains? I’m dying for some just like that for our living room!

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