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There are no words to describe how relieved I am that speaking at that conference is over.  I came home, slept great and then tinkered around in the family room, just for fun.

Moving furniture is SUCH a fun (sometimes) and easy (hopefully) way to get a fresh feel in your home.  And even though I’ve had my old sectional, that was the exact same size, in every spot in this room, I moved the new one around a little bit just to see if I had forgotten some magical position that makes our long skinny room with weird walkways, oddly placed windows and a fireplace in the corner, work.

Whenever I move furniture, I try everything, even if I know it will be ridiculous.  Because you never know. And most normal people don’t care to show their ridiculous furniture layouts online.  I just do that so you know that it’s trial and error for me too.  Sometimes you just don’t know if something will work unless you try it.

If you were wondering, yes, this chair is still broken.

Here’s how I hillbilly fixed it.  Cue the Sanford and Son music.  I should just make that the soundtrack of Nesting Place.

And everything ended up right back where it was. But with more confidence now that it knows it’s in the best place for us for this room.

We’ve been using this room well.  I’ll give you the back story to why it works during 31 Days. That starts on Monday.  Oh my.  Also, in the next couple of days I’ll put up a practice linky so you can see what button you think looks best and such.  I’m frantically trying to get organized for the series.  I finally came up with a name but I’m not telling yet.   Don’t forget to start doing your finger stretching exercises getting ready for all that writing!



  1. Love that the chair is being held up by an UNSTOPPABLE force.

  2. I love moving furniture around … it gives me a little high and I get a wee bit of exercise, too.
    Your home is cozy.


  3. I still LOVE your new sectional! Love it. And if I had room in my tiny rectangle I call home, I may have copied you- Instead I stick to my free navy Lane loveseat. (because it fits)

  4. When I was a girl, I used to change my bedroom furniture around all the time just to see what life was life from a different angle from where my bed sat. Your post really reminded me of that. Happy nesting.

  5. I was thinking the same thing as Emily…

    Good strong support for a person who needs it! Standing (or sitting) on strong theology and an unstoppable force!

    I love rearranging too…though I don’t do it much these days with two doorways, a closet, two windows and a radiator in our living room, the couch only fits in so many spaces. Not to mention if anything needs to be plugged in, well, let’s just say there is only so far extenstion cords will reach!

  6. I love the colors in your home. It just looks so comfortable and inviting…exactly what a home should be! lol…& the way ya’ll fixed that broken chair is hilarious.

  7. We have a weird shaped living room too so sometimes you just have to rule out the ridiculous…I get it, I totally get it! Also, I LOVE your new couch:)

  8. I too noticed the “unstoppable force” book holding up the chair. Made me grin. :D
    Love how you work out your room. Good exercise too! Haha!
    Thanks for the 31 day challenge….I’m working towards it.

  9. I love that you said even though the furniture you moved all around every which way ended up in the same exact place. And that by doing that it just confirmed that is the best place possible. Because you just never know…! So what you are saying is that it is not a waste of time?! What a relief! There have so many times that I have ridiculed myself for tearing up the house for what feels like no good reason. But this is a new way of thinking. Confirming that how it was is fine. Thanks! ;)

  10. I love the books under the chair, the title makes me LOL. We had a couch with a piece of 2×4 under it for a long time in our living room, no one ever knew the difference. I love rearranging furniture, have you ever tried those little furniture movers? They are the best!

  11. I am really loving the new couch! Everything looks great. I tried to rearrange my living room last week and moved furniture for half a day and in the end, everything ended up right back where it was. At first I was frustrated that I “wasted” half a day, but then content that I was reassured everything was where it worked best.

  12. I love the new couch and the layout. Question: How wide is your round coffee table? I have an old kitchen table that I am looking to cut legs off of to make into a living room delight. Thanks!

  13. Ok, I just had to laugh, the use of a book on Systematic Theology being used as a foundation to hold up the chair. No pun intended I’m sure. :)

  14. I’m in love with your new leather couch! It looks so cozy and warm. I really enjoyed all your pics during your furniture rearrange. I love moving furniture around, but in our current house I can’t do it at all since our current couch fits in just one place. =( (But I do really like the couch!) =)

    Will you tell me more about the 31 day Challenge? I’d be interested in participating.

  15. Loved meeting you at Becoming! My sister and I spoke to you. We were the ones from Lexington, SC – remember? Anyway, we loved hearing your ideas! Actually, we enjoyed the entire conference and hope to go back next yr. We are also hoping to hear Emily at Shandon. Any chance you will be coming along?

    Thanks again for great ideas and reminding us it doesn’t have to be perfect!

    • Hey ladies! I wish I could come with Em to Shandon, but I’ll be at her speaking with the concert at Westover instead. So fun meeting you–and you will LOVE my sister!


  16. What???!!?? No close up of the fish over the flatscreen? You room is so very calming and peaceful.

  17. I sent a note to you but I probably screwed it up. Anyway, you have been my inspiration on my whole remodel of the living. I’ve used the colors you have and added a foam green to paint the fireplace. I found someone to make my slipcovers. I just don’t know what kind of material to get. If you have an idea please let me know. Something soft and will wash. Thank you ever so much.
    Marylou Jessee in Dallas Texas.

    • yippie! I would go with a white cotton duck fabric (if you are doing white) I just walked into the fabric store and asked the ladies that worked there and they showed me.

  18. Nothing like dragging our furniture and stuff all over the place to make us appreciate and really enjoy our things when seen in a new light!

    And i love the blue pedicure! Chosen to match the decor?


  19. Absolutely loved your seminar. Thank you for sharing!

    That dark green pumpkin? I stopped by the Western NC Farmers’ Market on our way out of town and snagged some really fun, unique pumpkins. One was a green very similar to yours.

    How I love fall….

  20. I along with my kids love to rearrange furniture. Sometime when they’re bored they ask me if we can change things up and of course I always say yes. I’m always looking for the magical set up too. I think I may have to give it another try this week. The sectional is great I’ve been pondering getting one because of my the strange layout in my family room.

  21. I like the chair fix. For a good, long time, we had a leg that was broken on our kitchen table and it stood with several books and dictionaries under it. I like your room the way you like your room.

  22. Oh Nester, I can SO relate! I just don’t have an easy time moving things around since this house has carpet. Darn military housing is too cramped and too oddly shaped! I could use some new ideas, I’ve tried moving this room just about every which way I can think of and it STILL doesn’t look right to me. My only hope is that our next home will have a better living room. ;)

  23. Just have to ask——have you tried the glass topped table with the new couch? I never move furniture around but I enjoy watching you move yours.:)

  24. I love Graceful on your table with the other books :) and! Unstoppable under the chair!
    You are that — and I cheer you on, friend!

    Thanks for the ways you are a safe place for us all…
    Love, grace,

  25. love how comfy your family room is! Sometimes the best way is the most simple way…

    looking forward to following your 31 days… Liz

  26. I love how you try everything! I’ve tried about everything in our living room too (which also has awkward walkways and a strangely-placed fireplace). I can’t wait to read your post on Monday and find out what your series is about! I’ve already announced mine (31 days to real-life relationships) and I have the first 5 posts written. I am determined not to drop the ball on this series! It’s a good sign that the topic still gets me excited after at least a month of mulling it over.

  27. nester, you crack me up–“hillbilly fixed it.” :D

  28. Ha! It is always nice to see other people moving furniture around as much as I do! I will have to show my husband your post because he thinks I have a problem! Love your blog! Cheers!

  29. Oh sweet! One of my favorite activities, moving furniture, rearranging, giving everything a new and better order (and not finding ANYTHING afterwards even though it all makes just SO much more sense –well, that’s me… got carried away with excitement about your changes!!).

    I love your chair on the books, hahaha!! Very cool.
    Thanks for sharing your tour-de-home :)


  30. oh, i’m so happy to see your in between. I move our furniture, and then I too move it all back where it was before. like you, more sure that that is where it is suppose to be.

    finger stretching now.

  31. Finger stretching! I’ve got me some pretty buff fingers! Love the Sanford and Son soundtrack idea, too!

  32. I guess I should get my crap together and make my hot, AZ home look and feel more ‘fallish’. :) As always, thanks for the inspiration. xo, Jessica

  33. I like your new sofa, but I think you need to change some some of your other items to work with it. The room worked well with the slipcovered sofa, but the leather is so different. It doesn’t look like Nester anymore!

  34. I cannot wait to participate in 31 days this year! Been tearing up writing some of my post. Thanks for creating such a fun series! :)

  35. You have motivated me to re-arrange my living room until I really like it! And to be honest, it’s nice to see I’m not the only one who likes to try things out for a change! My family used to laugh about how much I moved things around, until it just “feels” right, saying they were grateful they weren’t sight impaired, or they would never get the lay of the land, with all my changes constantly! Ha!

  36. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve rearranged the furniture, then decided that I liked everything better the way it was before. It’s like I get an itch in my head that there MUST be some other way that will work better, and it makes me kinda unhappy with how it looks until I try it. Then, when I know it’s in the best layout for us right now, I’m all happy with it again. Totally worth the effort!

  37. I’m big on rearranging furniture as well! Glad to know im not the only one. I get bored really easily so subtle changes are awesome :) Love your blog! Cheers!

  38. How about pushing the sofa forward toward the fireplace… front of the blank wall and put the dresser on the collage wall with chairs on each side. You could have a little nook back there with a reading chair even…. Not as much “living” room, but cozy…. Then u would have a whole new wall to decorate and we could watch! :)

  39. I just wanted to let you know I REALLY enjoyed reading this blog. It was fun, it was visual, it was inspiring but most of all it was realistic. Thanks from Thea

  40. I laughed out loud at the Sanford & Son reference. That gives you an idea of my age. (You do realize, don’t you, that probably half of your readers have no idea what you’re talking about?)
    And by the way, Who Let the Dog Out?

  41. Love this! I am glad to know I am not the only nut who moves furniture only to have it end up in exactly the same spot. I have even been known to move the furniture in hotel rooms because it didn’t feel right when I walked in ;)

  42. have you tried to put the t.v. on the fireplace and not just next to it?

  43. I love the color scheme in your house. Seems so relaxing! Where did you get those light blue glass lamps? They are so beautiful!!

  44. I want to let you know, that although I realize speaking was not what you wanted to do…I loved every minute of your session at Becoming 2012. The photos you shared, and the pieces you brought, plus the insight into making a home a haven was just wonderful. I am still gleaning pieces of wisdom from your session. Please continue!

  45. Love the fix-it-yourself idea for the broken chair. Clever, creative, and creates character. Awesome!

  46. Hey even the way you fixed that chair looks really good. It adds a retro look to the chair.

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