There are no words to describe how relieved I am that speaking at that conference is over.  I came home, slept great and then tinkered around in the family room, just for fun.

Moving furniture is SUCH a fun (sometimes) and easy (hopefully) way to get a fresh feel in your home.  And even though I’ve had my old sectional, that was the exact same size, in every spot in this room, I moved the new one around a little bit just to see if I had forgotten some magical position that makes our long skinny room with weird walkways, oddly placed windows and a fireplace in the corner, work.

Whenever I move furniture, I try everything, even if I know it will be ridiculous.  Because you never know. And most normal people don’t care to show their ridiculous furniture layouts online.  I just do that so you know that it’s trial and error for me too.  Sometimes you just don’t know if something will work unless you try it.

If you were wondering, yes, this chair is still broken.

Here’s how I hillbilly fixed it.  Cue the Sanford and Son music.  I should just make that the soundtrack of Nesting Place.

And everything ended up right back where it was. But with more confidence now that it knows it’s in the best place for us for this room.

We’ve been using this room well.  I’ll give you the back story to why it works during 31 Days. That starts on Monday.  Oh my.  Also, in the next couple of days I’ll put up a practice linky so you can see what button you think looks best and such.  I’m frantically trying to get organized for the series.  I finally came up with a name but I’m not telling yet.   Don’t forget to start doing your finger stretching exercises getting ready for all that writing!