Forever I’ve seen these tall glass containers and wondered what I could do with one. Finally, it hit me–A FLOOR LAMP!  So I bought a tall glass container for $29 at Home Goods, a $10 light kit and found a $3 lampshade at a thrift store. Not bad for a floor lamp.  And I even did a mock-up for the photo above to see if I’d like the lamp, yep, I do.

Then two weeks passed and the more I thought about it the more I realized….

I don’t need a floor lamp.

Not even one I made myself.

Not even one I really like.

Not even one that if I make it and post it on my blog would cover its own costs with the advertising I’ll make from the post where I talk about it therefore kind of making it a free light and then I could give it away to someone.

I’ve done this blog thing for four and a half years and I’ve always only talked about things that I’m actually doing and using in my house, I cannot bring myself to do something simply for the sake of writing up a fun tutorial.   Besides, I don’t really like writing up tutorials, if I did then maybe I wouldn’t mind as much.  I’m not saying this to be all honorable and selfless and look at me, I’m so like, authentic and junk… it’s kind of the opposite, when it comes to taking time to clean and organize my house I’m selfish and lazy and I’ve learned that it’s not worth keeping something if I don’t both love and need it.  I’m trying to make my life easier, you know, do less be more?  So bringing something into our home that looks great but takes up precious space and isn’t something we need is crazy.

What I like writing about is being intentional about our home and sharing my wonky thought process with you for as long as you are willing to listen.  And y’all, I think our rental has finally turned a corner, we’ve lived here three years and even though we still have blank walls and unfinished projects it’s feeling a lot more done.  It’s not complete (it never is) and I’m still going to be doing things in it and going on and on about the latest nothing because that’s just who I am, but gone are the days where I could find a place for just about any project.  I’m at a place where I need to be super lightening-laser-focused-and-other-strong-words-that-tell-you-I’m-serious and intentional. I’ve waited a long time (since the last house we owned 6? years ago) for this feeling, a feeling of having my house kind of on the verge of doneness or fittedness and working really well for us-ness.  Instead of feeling like home is always a transition, I feel settled in. Even in a rental.  It feels good.

It feels like enough.

And I returned all the lamp parts.  Except the shade because it’s from the thrift store and that’s just odd to me to return something to the Goodwill so I traded it out for one of my shades I was using but didn’t love.

 Have you ever experienced a shift like that in how you think about your home?