Thank You :: Top Referers of 2011


58% of the people who land here at Nesting Place come here because someone on another website told them to. I can’t thank you all enough for linking over.  And I also included the top two social media sites just because I find that fascinating.  Tomorrow, I’ll go a little more in-depth about Pinterest and Blogging.

1. Stumble Upon

2. Pinterest

3. Thrifty Decor Chick

4. Life in Grace

5. Centsational Girl

6. My Sweet Savannah

7. The Inspired Room

8. Chatting at the Sky

9. Hooked on Houses

10. A Soft Place to Land

11. The Lettered Cottage

12. Simple Mom

13. Miss Mustard Seed

14. Flower Patch Farm Girl

15. 320 Sycamore

16. Cote de Texas

17. Better After

18. Emily A Clark

19. Young House Love

20. (in)courage

Thank you all. I wish I could take each one of you out for coffee.  Except for Stumble Upon and Pinterest…that could be odd.


  1. Oh yay – so glad that (in)courage made the top 20! Whoot whoot!

  2. Love that photo of the old typewriter. We were watching the movie “Funny Farm” the other day and when Chevy Chase puts his typewriter on his desk and starts writing his novel, my daughter Lily was like, “What’s that? Where’s his computer?”

    I’m amazed that Stumbleupon was your #1 referrer this year. I get some traffic from it, but not that much! And Pinterest was second? Wow!

    Thanks for the shout-out. I’m always finding great stuff to link to over here. Happy New Year! :)

  3. Pinterest is my #1 referrer now. I am in awe at the power of Pinterest~a year ago, we didn’t even know what it was! Can’t wait for 2012 at the Nesting Place~ I still think of you whenever I hear “three lit-uhl birds, sat on my window..and they told me I don’t need to worry..” back in the days when we had music on our blogs… I kind of miss it. *sigh* Happy New Year! xo

  4. Thank YOU for all linky love this year, too, sweet Nester! :-)
    I adore you, your blog, and hope to see you in person, in 2012!


    PS- Off to see what this “Stumble Upon” site is all about! :-D

  5. Yeah, taking Pintrest to coffee would be like so random…. :)

    Thanks to you, because you are my #2 referring blog/source. xoxox

  6. Ha! I love Julia’s comment, my daughter said the same thing when we were at an antique store, “What’s that Mom?” when she spied a typewriter and I said “Only one of the coolest decorative and functional accessories in this store” which was met with a very blank stare.

    I heart you by the way and delighted to have made the NP list.


  7. Crikey!

    You’re pretty rad, you know it?

  8. you were my first blog crush—my first archives all-nighter.
    you’ll always be my favorite.

  9. Even though I came in at #18, we could definitely have coffee! :) Seriously, email me if you ever have time on a Monday or Wed. morning. . . Would be fun!

  10. cant believe Stumble Upon is your #1 — My #1 is Pinterest and then Google! Might have to get back on Stumble :)

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