So yesterday I mentioned the map paper I bought at Bebe Gallini’s.  I wrapped some old canvases that I had laying around with the paper for instant art.  Some of you wanted a little more information and if you aren’t yet sick of people talking about map art, I’ll be glad to ramble on about it.

Really, all you need for map art is some maps and something to put them on or in.  Amazon has some neat options of map wrapping paper~I like that because normally, specialty wrapping paper like that is thicker than just a paper map and created more for aesthetics than finding a road so you can get around.  But, you can also use real maps from a map store, books, your attic, whatever.  Here are some map posters from Amazon as well.

My friend Angela, has a pretty map framed on her mantel.

So lets make this little fella shall we?

You only need three simple ingredients:

  1. A Map {or lets face it, you could wrap it in anything, a page from Jane Austen, sheet music, a Star Wars poster…
  2. Adhesive of some sort {I really like photo mount spray but rubber cement or hot glue would probably work great
  3. Something to wrap it on {a block of wood, canvas, cereal box}


Here’s a close up of the glue I use.  I LOVE it.  I originally bought it when I accidentally ordered our huge family photo without the thick cardboard backing.  It’s nice because you spray it on and then stick what you want and if it’s crooked, you have a little time to peel it off and restick before it dries.

So all you do is wrap the canvas spraying a little glue on each side as you go. The crisper/tighter/more folded you make your corners the better it looks.

Next let’s use this Wide World Atlas that I found for $1 at a thrift store and this old box.

See cute as a button.  Just be sure to use a really sturdy box.

Once again, here are pages from that old vibrant world atlas framed, wrapped on a tiny box, and wrapped on a wood canvas thing.

I had to piece together two pages to make a big map but, you can’t tell unless you look close.

I even took the liberty to create some new islands on a place where I cut the paper too short.  You have to look really close and change the settings on the photo to even see it this clearly.

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