Sometimes you need an extra large photo.  Even though it’s my pet peeve when blogs use photos so big you have to scroll to see the whole thing.  Sorry to be annoying.  After 15 years of wifeing, shopping, moming, and decorating I finally figured something out.

Duh, pillowcovers.

I’ve told you before that I’m mildly obsessed with pillows.  They are my favorite accessory.  Pillows and lamps.  But pillows are the the easiest way to give a room a fresh look.  Pictured here on my sofa is the downstairs team looking all fluffy.  And all but one pillow here is a pillow cover.   So now, instead of buying all new pillows, stuffing and all, I just look for pillow covers.  I’m a feather pillow insert snob because of their obedience to take any shape and ability to be washed and the nice thing is that you can cram just about any feather pillow into a pillow cover and it looks great.

And because I know you have inquiring minds left to right…

Over the past few years, I’ve purchased some pillows with inserts and ripped nice feather inserts out of old pillows that didn’t have open and close pillow covers.  My goal was to have a nice stash of different sized feather pillow inserts.  Now, when I see a pillow cover I like, I know I have an insert that will work with it.

And because DaySpring and Blessings Unlimited are sponsoring this fine post, they are giving away a whole slew of their pillow covers. What’s Blessings Unlimited?  Oh, the BU/DaySpring people are probably cringing right now knowing that I’m going to try to make some weird analogy.  Ok, so BU {Blessings Unlimited} and DaySpring are like sisters.  DaySpring is like the older sister {I think} because they were first and BU is like the younger sister who is just as cool {or at least almost as cool because we all know that the older sister is always the coolest} but instead of being all over the internet, comes to your house.  Neither DaySpring or Blessings wear braces, have pimples or bad hair.  To make a long story longer, Blessings Unlimited is like Pampered Chef only with cute Jesusy housey things and stuff for your family instead of stuff you eat.  So anyone can find a local consultant and host a gathering and earn all sorts of pretty prizes and discounts or you can even decide to become a consultant and get even more cute loot.  And money.  Yeah, I’m sure the consultants make actual money too.

And today you can enter to win your choice of pillow cover from Blessings Unlimited.  One pillow cover winner for every 100 comments.  But wait, there’s more…

Blessings Unlimited has all sorts of things filled with meaningful beauty.  You can see all of this and more in the online catalog.

And BU is the maker of the tray I love.  It’s currently in my kitchen holding my bread board collection.  And by collection I mean two bread boards.

One super duper lucky winner will get a $100 shopping spree {I love the word “spree”} from BU to spend on anything they want.  All you have to do is leave a comment here to enter to win.  And because I am nosy and want to feel better about my addiction, leave a comment telling us how many decorative pillows you have.

Want to host a gathering, become a consultant or place an order?  Fill out the little form on the left side of the front pages of the catalog.