My Blessings Unlimited Gathering went off without a hitch. Blessings Unlimited is kind of like DaySpring’s sister, or maybe child is a better way to explain it.  But instead of being on your computer, they come to your house and hang out and bring some of their merchandise for you and your friends to see and touch.  DaySpring and Blessings Unlimited are partners/sponsors of Nesting Place so, I volunteered to host a gathering. Here’s some of the cute loot on my table.

Here are a few of the girls who helped me pull it off.  First, Stephanie from (in)courage and DaySpring.  We’ve become good friends over the past year and she is smart and savvy and funny and we laugh like middle schoolers when we are together.  Next is Diane, the Blessings Unlimited Consultant.  BU flew her down to NC all the way from Fargo, ND!   She is a top consultant and loves what she does.  She has the most gentle presence when you are around her.  And of course, I cannot do anything without my beloved sister, my partner in crime. She came with her children and my man kept all the kids and dog entertained.  He should have been in this photo too but someone had to take it.  Not to mention my In Real Life Friends, Caroline, Tiny Twig, Michelle, Amanda and Mackenzie who all came to the party and put up with me on a daily basis.  Oh and my mom, Mrs. Clean.  I feel like I’m accepting a Grammy or something with all my thank yous.  You like me, you really like me…

I forced every person to hug me as they entered my home.

Look, they are normal, beautiful girls, not killers–even though we met online!

Non killers hanging out at the nest.

Checking out the cute loot.

I need to stop and tell you how delightfully fulfilling it was to get to shop for food with Stephanie.  I thought I was the only weirdo in the world who bought food to match the colors of the occasion.  There are two of us.  And we are evil with our placement of the wasabi balls. Don’t you love that Enjoy tray?  It’s from Blessings Unlimited of course.

Hanging out, looking at cute stuff, eating, not getting killed.

Here we are listening to Diane and her sweet voice.  We all went around and introduced ourselves and told something that brings us joy.  Jodi said that her hydrangea bushes bring her joy and I made a mental note to go and visit her very soon.  Someone else said that their Keurig brought them joy.  I love that person.

Diane knew that DWELL is my word right now so she even surprised me and did a little talk about the word dwell.  Then she showed us how to use some of the items.  Oh and if you host a party and it brings in over a certain amount, you get to have one of those things she’s holding up for free. I KNOW!

I was kind of surprised with all of their specials and stuff. If I were them I would brag about that more.  If you host a party you can easily earn free stuff and half price stuff and every month there is a different special that you can purchase for super cheap if you host during that month. Plus there’s a special every month for the guests.

I love this Abundance Wooden Tray, it’s one of the items a hostess can get for free.  I thought it would be great at Thanksgiving but, once I put my spring and summer stuff in it I figured out it would look good all year around.  And remember, every item from BU carries a meaningful message or a verse.  So, not only do you get something you like, you get something with meaning, encouragement and beauty.

I thought I’d be all funny spelling out my name with the blocks, I just realized, I spelled Nester wrong.

Luckily, Blessings made a cheat sheet for their blocks for people like me.

These vases can be turned upside down and used as candlesticks.  Sweet. They also have reversible tags like “family” and “rejoice” and different verses that come with them.  Kind of like necklaces for the vases/candlesticks.  Accessories for your accessories.  Coco Chanel would be thrilled.

I am so glad that Stephanie grabbed my camera and snapped some photos, I was so worried about my sweaty pits that I forgot to take photos.  By the end of the gathering I got my wits about me and started taking a few but, I realized there were some people that I didn’t get a good picture of.  I’m sorry.

But, I did take some photos that turned out…

Oh yeah, I wanted to show you some of my favorite blessing things in my house…

I saw this watercolor and knew that it HAD to go in my office.  It fits so perfectly in my board and batten.

I can’t even remember how long it’s been since I used pink in my home. I forgot about the color pink.

And look, quadruplets, one for every season.

This Bell Jar on a Stand and By Grace Alone wall hanging are my VERY favorite things from Blessings Unlimited.  I wish I had 8 of each of them.  I could have one or two in every room.

And yes, that is June between me and my sister.  People squealed and gawked when they figured out that June was there, I even saw one person with tears.  She is the blogger that some of us stalk and if you haven’t read her you should.

Even Kelly Ripa would be jealous of these guns.  We were all in awe.

Some of my real life peeps, yes it is normal for Caroline, Twiggy my sister and I to all be talking at once.

And since I have 49 hundred photos that I hate to leave out…

We had so many people that some had to stand up during the presentation.

We posed.

We looked at the catalog.

My sister and I hugged our kids and tried to protect the cupcakes from them.

Stephanie worked like a dog.

I got to meet 26 wonderful people. Some that I’ve known for years online.

And a teenage girl gave her mom the look.  Just kidding, they are the sweetest mom and daughter pair you will ever meet.

All in all it was a great gathering.  I loved meeting so many non killers like myself and we all had a fun afternoon. If you would like to host a Blessings Unlimited Gathering email me at:: letsnest at gmail dot com.

Also, there is a giveaway because Blessings Unlimited is totally generous so, all you need to do is leave a comment and you can tell me what your favorite item is from Blessings.  You can download the catalog {it takes about 4 seconds} and see what you like the best. And the winner gets to pick any item from the catalog for free!  And since the Bell Jar/Cloche on a stand is my favorite, if that is what you pick, even though they are two separate items, that can count as your one item.

Also, because after writing the longest post in existence, I am too lazy to link to each blogger who came, if you came and wrote about coming to the Nest and want to link up you can.  I don’t even mind if you tell people that my bathroom was dirty or that my yard needed to be mowed.