Master Bedroom

so far


Our bedroom had been neglected for far too long.  I was ready for change and my requirements were:

  • neutral colors
  • a pretty bed
  • drapes
  • masculine and feminine feel
  • places to sit
  • an 8 x 10 rug
  • surfaces to place books and tums and snoring medicine and my other old lady paraphernalia
  • better lighting
  • pay cash for everything

Neutral Backdrop

This is what the room looks like without any embellishments.  Actually, it looked like this until today when I grabbed the brocade shams from the playroom, blue chevron pillow from the downstairs sofa and a pretty throw from my office.  Photos look better with a little color in them.  The walls are Martha Stewart Flagstone, a nice gray color.  Our en suite bathroom has browns and grays and this room gets tons of light so a dark gray was a good choice for us.   From this point, I can add in yellow accents with a vase and a pillow and a throw, or some fun greens or a big graphic pillow shams in orange, I guess I don’t have to list every possible color combination, you get the idea, right?  I love that I can add in any color or pattern and instantly change the room.

Currently I don’t have anything covering the box spring.  Once I get a feel for what direction I’ll go for the accent fabrics and colors, I’ll add some fabric or a printed sheet that will offset all the white.

The Bed


If I could pick any bed, I would want something like this from Z Gallerie

Or this from Lindsay Harper’s apartment.

I had a yard sale back in October and made a good amount of cash to put towards a new bed.   But for whatever reason, I wanted to wait and see if we could work in what we had.  And what we had was a super sturdy 5 year old sleigh bed from Big Lots.  Not nice wood but not falling apart at all. Rats. {Do people still say “rats”?  My dad says it all the time so it sounds normal to me.}

The walls are gray so for contrast we painted the bed white.  My husband helped on this one, he encouraged me to try this bed and see and with my aversion to spending money, that was all I needed.  But, I told him if we were going to keep the sleigh, I wanted him to help me paint it.  He rolled, I brushed and it took about two hours using leftover paint we had from the dresser.  BEHR paint plus primer in Hushed White~it’s actually more yellowy than I would like for the bed, you can tell when it’s up against my super white sheets, but it’s not bothersome enough to paint it again.  If you want further instructions on how to paint your furniture, I’m not a professional, but I did read my friend Mandie’s ebook and learned all of her secrets.  It’s not the bed I wanted but, it was free and I like much it better than before.


I agonized over drapes for a LONG time.  I love long drapes, I think they have magical powers to soften and transform a room from blah to cozy. I really wanted a neutral graphic print.  The drapes were the VERY first thing I looked for for this room.  Long before I knew what we were going to do with the room, I knew if i could find the right fabric everything could springboard off that.

I love this DwellStudio Gate print by Robert Allen. That would have added in some masculine feel.  However, we are renting this house and there are 4 windows in this room which means 8 panels that each need almost 3 yards of fabric. This fabric would have cost me over $1000. Just for the fabric. Eight panels at even $10 a yard fabric would have cost $240 just for fabric for me to mistreat. That was the most I was willing to spend but, as I looked around, I realized that finding $10 per yard discount fabric I like was difficult but I did find a few however, I could never find 24 YARDS of the fabric I liked.  At such an inexpensive price, the fabric was usually on sale or discontinued and every time I found something that would work, I was faced with not enough fabric on the bolt.  Plus, I knew I didn’t want to sew and the thought of paying $250 just so I could hang fabric pieces kind of bothered me.  Finally, I called off the search and decided to go with white panels.

I went to the least expensive store in town, Ollie’s, and bought 8 full sized flat sheets for $3.99 each.  And then I bought 4 rods from Home Depot for about $13.00 each.  I dressed 4 windows for less than $100.  I just realized that I accidentally put a queen sized sheet for the left panel of that window, see how it puddles on the floor? One day, maybe I’ll switch that out with the couple of extra full sized that I bought.

Masculine and Feminine

It’s my tendency to be overly girly.  I guess it comes naturally since you know, I’m a girl and all.  But, I wanted to make sure our room looked like it belonged to both a man and a woman.  Not the owner of hello kitty.

For us that meant no toile, no floral {ok so there are a few flowers on that throw but remember, that actually goes in my office, I just brought it in here so my photos wouldn’t look like black and whites} no pinks.  I decided to balance the white with wood.  We happened to find this clearance sunburst mirror back in October at Pier 1 for $80.  Sold.

Plus, we had this armiore in our room that is wooden and I wanted to balance the wood and white.  I thought I was going to witness the death of a 120 pound mover when they moved this solid wood armiore up our stair well and dropped it and it left huge gashes in the walls {didn’t damage the armiore one little bit though, solid wood and all}.  Those little boys got so mad at me telling me I packed too much stuff in it.  I made them open it once they got it into our room so I could prove it was empty.  All that to say this armiore is staying in our room until we move.  Try to ignore the pile of clothes and lamp and wall stuff. This room isn’t quite done yet and even if it was, my favorite hobby is piling clothes.

Places to Sit

One of the few requests that my husband has for our room is a place to sit.  I found this classy and slightly masculine chair at One Kings Lane {that’s my referral link thankyouverymuch}.  One Kings Lane is a website that has 72 hour sales posted every day from all sorts of great sources.  I’ve got a post coming up in the next week where I’ll explain how I use OKL so hold on for that.  But, just like any store, you need to be patient and wait for a great deal that works for you.  This chair was about $400~about half what it retails for.

My chair was a $35 thrift store find that I painted and distressed {lazy girl’s way to paint} last year.  I found the garden stool at Ollie’s for $25.  I had my eye on them for awhile and saw them one blogs and in high end shops, even One Kings Lane had them but they were all over $100.  Of course, I didn’t buy the $25 one when I saw it.  Lucky for me, my trusty mom found one for me at her local store.  Thanks Mom!

The Rug

Our entire house has wood floors which is absolutely wonderful and simultaneously absolutely cold on morning toes fresh from the bed.  We needed an 8 x 10 rug to go under the bed so we could step onto cush.  I think this rug fits the cush factor and the fun factor. It was $400 from One Kings Lane and it made the whole room come together.


We needed side tables.  Since we had long drapes, I wanted tables that were leggy so the drapes would show through under the top.  Plus, I know that we won’t be in this home forever so I wanted tables that I could use in other rooms later if I needed to.  I found these crescent tables at One Kings Lane for $170 each.


The pair of lamps are from Hobby Lobby $100 each but of course, Hobby Lobby has a sale rotation with lamps 50% off about once a month so I got them for $50 each.  The extra large lantern commands attention.  You can’t tell from the photos but it’s the first thing you look at when you walk in to the room.   I had originally thought I would find an old chandelier and wrap twigs around it but when I saw this lantern at the Habitat ReStore for $30 I knew it would be a nice centerpiece for the room.

All I had to do was dust it off and hit it with a little spray paint.  I should probably adjust that chain a little bit.

Pay Cash

I just moved three paragraphs from this topic to a new post.  Does anyone really want to read me go on and on about why it’s not worth it to put furniture on a credit card?  We paid surprisingly little for this makeover. We used all cash and I had some referral credits from One King’s Lane that I put to good use. I’ll share more about how to use One King’s Lane later this week.

All in all, we LOVE our room.  And that was the overall goal.  It didn’t turn out anything like I had originally planned, it never does but the plan is just a guide, the goal is to like it.  Maybe one day I’ll figure out what I want to do with the tray ceiling but, I’m not in a hurry to make it happen.  We still want a bookshelf next to my husband’s chair and there’s one wall in this room that you are going to laugh at that I’ll show you very soon. If anyone is wondering, we have our dressers in our closet. I’ve got my eye on Etsy for the perfect graphic pillows in a fun color.  You’ll be the first to know when I find them.

I’m so happy to finally have a bedroom that I don’t dread walking into.  Creating a welcoming master bedroom is one of the best investments we’ve made.

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  1. Gorgeous, girl! You’ve done well!

  2. Very beautiful! I love the new look.

  3. What a lovely room! I love that you did it on a budget and compromising as you went – so realistic – but it doesn’t look that way! “High-end” and cozy at the same time… Congrats and enjoy!

  4. oh my gorgeous goodness. can we just trade master bedrooms? haha. love the whole thing!

  5. Beautimus! I’ve got the same bed from Big Lots! Don’t think I’m brave enuf to paint it though…Lovin’ those curtains, too.

  6. Love those side tables….creative!!!
    I’ve got an old sleigh bed….probably 90 years old…with matching dressers. I dislike the old dark oak color….but I don’t think I’d be brave enough to paint the bed or dressers. (They were my great grandparents’.)

  7. Wow! This looks GREAT! Our master was the last room to be decorated in our home. We used to laugh and say it looked like 2 college kids living out of Goodwill! We just completed it this weekend! I truly feel like a queen in my bed now! It’s so cool! My husband reminded me- when we were finished- to take before and after pictures! So glad you got yours!

  8. It’s beautiful!

  9. It’s gorgeous! I’m so jealous! My bedroom is where laundry goes to die….

  10. Absolutely gorgeous!! I love the colors & the feel of the room! I must say I love your blog because you have made a rental really feel like home. We have a rental as well, but I don’t feel like I am able to do what I want (paint, etc). One day when we have our own home it will be beautiful..until then I can dream & be inspired by such wonderful blogs as yours :)

  11. We re-did our bedroom this summer and we used Flagstone on our walls, too. My friend who was helping me tried to convince me to go with white bedding, but i like to curl up in my bed and hide from the kids while eating chocolate. This habit would not be able to continue with white bedding. So I stuck with grey and then found a funky Asian screen at a flea market and hung it from the ceiling to give the room some color and drama. And it was a bizarre room divider, too. All of that to say, I love Flagstone. And I admire you for your white bedding. :-) Here’s the screen:

  12. OMG – I love it. We are currently in the process of re-designing our room as well so I gobbled this post up! We have the EXACT SAME bed from Big Lots (although we sold the headboard and footboard last year. but we still have the rest of the set – we bought the nightstand and dressers to match). I absolutely hate them now and we’re considering painting them white! I also love that you paid CASH – since our 2011 goal is to be debt-free!

    Your room feels so cozy and warm! I hope we can do something similar! Love it!

  13. That is so pretty and soothing. Check out the bedroom I just did for my niece. I think you will like it!

  14. Love it – simple, classic, beautiful!

  15. OMG. Can I move in??? Oh and I want that throw with the flowers on it. Are they felt?!? You always find the best stuff. Wish I lived closer. I’d make you go shopping with me!

  16. I absolutely adore this room! I really want our master bedroom to be a sort of retreat for the two of us (even though we don’t have kids yet), and this look is exactly what I’m shooting for. Thanks for the inspiration!

  17. This room is so soothing. Simply beautiful, and a perfect place to go to rest! I love it and am hoping to do something similar in our master bedroom. I am in search of a great gray, and love what you have on the walls! What color is it? Thanks for sharing your beautiful space!

  18. lovely! I’ve been trying to find a wall color for our bedroom – we can paint the walls, but not the wood trim – I wonder if gray would work?

  19. I adore One Kings Lane. I have gotten some great things from them!

  20. As always, it is gorgeous! I so badly want a bed frame! We don’t have one. Great idea on the sheets for curtains. I am going to do that because after 4 years of searching, I CANNOT find the fabric I want for curtains. My husband built our bedroom and custom made it for me. The closets are open so that I could put up drapes to hide them and have that soft feel of fabric but since I can’t find the right fabric, they sit naked with clothes and junk exposed. Not pretty! Your sleigh bed is beautiful. I am so surprised you haven’t painted that armoire yet :) LOL

  21. you could use shower curtains for window treatments, placemats and napkins for valances. I made decorative pillows with placemats and napkins (i got the fabric napkins at the dollar store). for your family room have you tried th tv on the wall that you have all the pictures and the sectional couche by the window.

  22. fantastic and resourceful, as always!

  23. I’m dying over your room… great vision, great job pulling it together! It looks like a soothing and relaxing place to be!

  24. Love your bedroom…..looks like it’s straight out of a magazine. I noticed your throw on your bed with the flowers on it….gorgeous!!! Where did you get it? Thanks for sharing girl. Ya’ll did a fantastic job :)


  25. Oh Nester, it’s beautiful. Stunning, actually. You have inspired me yet again. After a successful $50 bedroom makeover 2 years ago, I’m back at square one. We had to use my nightstand / bookcases for the living room and we had an unfortunate ceiling leak and have to paint and the bedding is falling apart. It’s a wreck. But, we’ll get there. Thanks for the reminder to be patient and for the amazing ideas!

  26. I love this room! You did a wonderful job and I love the colors. I would love to know where you got your throw. It’s stunning and I would love to have one~

  27. LOVE it!!
    The curtains…they appear “light & airy”, a look I’ve trying to achieve. I’m wondering if they are 50/50 cotton/polyester as opposed to 100% cotton?

  28. It still isn’t “affordable,” but the drapery fabric is available for $15.98/yd. Maybe it would make a few nice pillows!

  29. WOW! Just found your blog today and I am so glad I did! I am totally covetting your master bedroom. Really I’m covetting every room I’ve seen in your home so far. Definitely my dream style for my own home.
    Thanks for the great inspriration! I will definitely be checking back daily.
    P.S. I would also love to know where you got the throw on the bed. LOVE it!

  30. I know you got the sidetables from One King’s Lane, but do you remember what company makes them? I would love to have some similar to that. Love the room! It is gorgeous! I’m attempting a bedroom makeover of my own. Newly married = get all the crazy guy knick knacks out. I want to make it a room both of us love.

  31. Congratulations! Gr8 job all ’round & frugal to boot! Re Etsy, have u checked Gosh That’s Posh? Stacey has a fun funky style&great eye for color, IMO. And frugal ;) -s-

  32. Oooh, Oooh, Ooooh – where did you find the brown brocade shams that are on your bed? I was just thinking this morning that I’d like to find a print like that for our guest room. I LUB them! Your room looks terrific – so relaxing!

  33. this looks so good. Your list for what you wanted in the master bedroom is very similar to what I am stirring up in my head. you executed it perfectly. it looks so clean and comfortable with the perfect blend of feminine and masculine. great job.

  34. Love your bedroom. So tasteful and on a budget. Great job.
    Mary Ann

  35. Yes! Another great use for sheets, the under-appreciated, under-used fabric! I use a flat sheet on top of a white comforter to go with the look that I am wanting. The sheet was only $14, it completely covers the comforter, and it’s washable. If it gets damaged or I want to change the look, I’m only out $14. Did you create (sew?) a pocket for the curtain rods since you didn’t use curtain rings with clips?

  36. I love it. I am planning to re-do my room this year, and you have given me some great ideas.

  37. love the bedroom! btw where did you get those cute black wedge shoes at?!

  38. OKL is so pricey! A lot of their prices take my breath away. TheFoundary is essentially the same thing for much less. You should check it out. You also get $ for referrals and with pricing being like an online TJMaxx more people are likely to buy vs. Browse. You can try it out here: sign up and get your own link for yourself.

  39. I LOVE your bedroom very, very much!

  40. I am so in love with your bedroom… already planning the massive copy and paste into my house!

    I’ve been on the search for white (or just mostly white) nice bedding for so long now without spending a freaking fortune. Can you tell me where you got yours? I seem to recall you making a duvet cover out of a king sheet, or maybe I made that up because I think everything amazing design-wise I see on your site. haha! :) Is that what you did? Or can you share your secret store so that I may stalk for my very own?

  41. really nice. REALLY cash? Because looking at this today makes me want my house to look like this. I am ready to break our rules of cash only no credit cards to get there. Seeing this just makes me push that direction. I was half way to getting my home to how I dreamed it, but my hubby is one of the “lucky” NOT! that lost 15% of his income — due to state budget cuts. :( I don’t even have a nice set of sheets anymore. ugh. oh, RATS! Our dreams of moving into our first home (which did come true) and dreams of decor are out the window. So, not how I pictured.

    So, I guess I will just enjoy yours, thanks for the share.

  42. it’s lovely.

    it’s terrific that you can toss in so many different colors. i like that option.

    our room has been the same for 6 yrs. i don’t hate it, but kind of want a change. financially i think i should make small accent changes, i.e. drapes, accent pillows, bed skirt, lamps…just thinking about it i see the $$ add up!

    and for the sake of my marriage i must know more about the “snoring medicine!” (which i totally got a kick out of by the way).

  43. LOVE this! inspiration for my house! thank you for sharing. Some really impressive design – everything goes without being too simple or too plain.


  44. congratulations on an absolutely beautiful space. and thanks for the kings lane suggestion — i just joined with your code :)

  45. Wow – Looks great! I LOVE the lantern. So great. Hobby Lobby is creeping into the DC area so it’s kind of a hike but I think I need to make a trip out of it!

    I am doing a bunch of work on our neglected master right now. Some problems are not easily solved but overall the result will be good I hope!

  46. Where did you find that gorgeous light blue, flowered throw? I’m in love…

  47. Wow, I love it! We’re painting the new bedroom at the mo, but you’ve given me so many great decorating ideas in this post!

  48. Nester–I have your same big lots bed!! You have so inspired me to paint mine white as well!! I am just trying to talk my husband into but I think this will help. I am just recently, as of this week, getting into blogging and am so overwhelmed and marvel at your site…I’m jealous:) Thanks for the ideas and I would love it if you would check me out sometime! Although I am trying to do it on my own to start, tight budget, and that’s a headache…so don’t judge:) haha, thanks!

  49. I am so, so excited to see this!! I just came across your blog and am so glad I stopped. I have the same EXACT bed from Big Lots (bought after we married 7 years ago!) that I’ve been wavering on the dark wood lately. I’ve secretly wondered if I could paint it… AH HUH!!! Thank you so much for fueling my fire to a prettier bedroom and bed! :) I love what you’ve done…. I think my hubby will be seeing this… ;)

  50. First, your room is gorgeous. Looks so inviting and relaxing. I LOVE your shams – any chance you remember where you got them? I’m actually looking for curtains in a fabric like that in our Dining room. Next, after 10 years, is our Bedroom. I’m loving your Martha Stewart grey color. Thx so much for sharing!

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