For months I’ve been on the prowl for a round coffee table.  It wasn’t a desperate prowl, we had a big chunky rectangular coffee table that I still love but, it was taking up a lot of precious room that could be freed up with a circle.

There are times when we need something and I take a day and go all over and don’t come home until I find what I need.  And there are other times where I’m not in a hurry and it’s fun to take my time and wait until the right thing finds me.  With the coffee table I was looking for shape, scale and four legs as opposed to a pedestal.  I know I can paint it to change the color but, I can’t change the form.  This table is a little beat up on the top and I’ll use some wood filler and paint one day when I know what I want.  But, for $15 I got the exact shape and style I was looking for.  I never went out looking for a coffee table, but every time I went out, I looked for a coffee table.   And it only took me 6 months of browsing.

What are you currently browsing for?