Man Station:: 31 Days to a Less Messy Nest Day 9

There’s a little area right next to where he walks in at the back door.

A dresser drawer or two, a basket, a flat surface and a little cabinet with shelves is all it takes.

He can pack it full off all sorts of unsightly stuff.  Pipes, whistles, tape measures, sunglasses, stray bullets, receipts, playing cards, air guns and goggles.

I used to have a cabinet in the kitchen designated for him but, I hated opening up the cabinet in the kitchen and finding non kitchen stuff using up the space.  So now he can store whatever he wants in a place that is all his own. It’s kind of endearing, it’s like a grown up version of my 13 year old’s top dresser drawer. Doncha just love men?  Does your man have a station?

Join me and Chatting at the Sky, Balancing Beauty and Bedlam, My First Kitchen, Life With My 3 Boybarians, Reluctant Entertainer, The Inspired Room, Remodeling This Life over the next 31 days.


  1. I have a somewhat man station but it is not working well. I need drawers and covered areas! I need a new spot- better spot. I thought only I had this problem!! Men do carry in a lot of weird man things.

  2. is that your $3 garage sale cabinet? it has some depth! my man has a man station, but he doesn’t use it… it’s a little tall and thin thing, I need something more like this. thanks for the inspiration

  3. And here I thought I was the only one with a stray bullet lurking about.

  4. I love this! We’ve got a small station just for him, but I’m trying to figure out how to make it bigger but still fit in our house-he tends to pile up stuff :) and I love him for it!

  5. I hate to admit that my husband doesn’t need a man station as much as I need a mom station! I am the culprit for the bizarre clutter at our house… I love the inspiration, though, and think that I have just the spot to make my own little drop zone!

  6. Oh! You don’t have a Follower section! No wonder you are not on my list!

  7. He has a small and totally inadequate basket. Thank you SO much for sharing this, I definitely need a better solution…

  8. genius! you should submit this to marriage counselors.

    thankfully my husband and i have our own walk-n closets. that has saved our marriage.
    when i walk into the garage (his domain) i recite over and over again, “ignore it, ignore it, ignore it.” works most days.

  9. Um. Can I just say… BRILLIANT! :)

  10. Ugh. I wish I had a spot like this! My husband likes to empty his pockets into a kitchen cabinet – right next to the dishes! It kind of freaks me out to have money, keys, pocket lint, washers, screws, etc. next to my salad plates (some of the hardest working plates in the kitchen!) I recently bought a basket, put it on the counter, right beneath the cabinet he uses, in hopes of re-training him to deposit his “stuff” in that, but, sadly, my efforts have fallen short. (Let me be quick to add, he is a FANTASTIC husband in all other respects, so I try to overlook his messier tendencies!) Thoroughly enjoying the 31-days series!

  11. I tried this w/ my husband and good God, he found a new place to stash his stuff. Ugh.

  12. Yes!!
    He has a drawer in the island in the kitchen (which is not enough!).
    I love your idea, I just wish I had a space like you do!

  13. Oh would I love to have a little station like yours. My husband piles all of his stuff on the mantle. The mantle! Right out where everyone can see it! I need to find a station!

  14. What a great idea. I don’t have one of those but like the idea of it, alot

  15. A couple years ago, my mom felt so bad that the Captain didn’t have a man space (she called it a “junk drawer”), that she bought him a stand alone rubber maid drawer, one deep drawer. We loving called in the “Monk drawer.” (ever seen the show Monk?) When I got my little portable island for the kitchen, we changed to having him use that drawer. But it’s too shallow, and the end of the counter is where he sets any and everything he isnt’ ready to put somewhere else…I just went to see what is there tonight for fun! :) I see tools, spare change, his wallet/pager/phone, batteries, receipts and the card for his chiropractor appt! :) I was thinking this week of putting a basket there, but now I think he needs something even better… gonna work on this one this week!

  16. I have GOT to find a cabinet like that….or something else to make my own man station.

    Nester- honestly, you’re one smart cookie!!

  17. My husband doesn’t have a man station in the main part of the house but he does have an entire top of a tall dresser. He only ever carries his wallet, phone, chapstick, pen, and perhaps some change (if that ends up on the dresser, it’s claimed by my change jar). I’ve learned that I need junk stations around the house to keep clutter under control. A mail organizer right inside the door, a basket by my spot on the couch, 4 leaf shaped plates in the bathroom, bedroom, etc. I’ve found a lot of bobby pins that way!

  18. that is a very cute manstation!! my husband has a basket at the door for his keys, id, wallet etc. it’s not as fun as yours or a place for him to store his junk but that’s what the garage closet is for::)

  19. This is great! My man NEEDS a station, but we don’t have a good spot for one in our house. Hmm…

  20. I am wondering (someone PLEASE tell me!!) what do you do when the man station starts to overflow and ooze stuff?? My husband has what he calls his “Magic Drawer.” I got frustrated trying to figure out what all his little gadgets were and where they belong and emptied the bottom drawer of our dresser and started putting his stuff in there. He was delighted after several “where is that,” “try the bottom drawer” incidents. I need something like this for all his paperwork and — THINGS (what IS all that stuff all over his nightstand??), but I am afraid if I gave him some sort of container, it would rupture and injure someone! Stuff is always sliding off onto the floor. If he has his own space, will he keep it tidy? Will he maintain it himself? I tried straightening out his Magic Drawer once and nearly got bit.

  21. Yes he does, but it’s about to bust. I call it his “junk trunk”. We started it when he started his master’s degree during our first few years of marriage. I got tired of all his books floding what used to be our 800 sq ft home. So I gladly gave him the “junk trunk” to store all his books. Now he needs a man station like you have. Thanks for sharing.

  22. what a great idea! we have a ‘man box’ at our house. it’s basically where i chuck all this stuff that’s lying around. However, then it’s just lost in the ‘abyss of the man box’. i really like this station. Too bad we didn’t have room for it.

  23. Super smart! Nester, you’re so clever!

    I do have a spot (a drawer and some baskets) allocated as my Man Station but as another commented I’m having problems with it overflowing with STUFF. I think I need to rethink his Man Station or empty out more drawers for him to put stuff. Where does this stuff come from? I don’t like how he just puts it on top of my buffet….perhaps IT IS time to look for a better spot- so that I don’t have to see that junk errr clutter anymore. :)

  24. I’m so thrilled to know that I’m not the only one with a man that leaves everything lying around! Mine manages to leave everything on the kitchen counter. But he THINKS he doesn’t and that’s only because I go behind him and move it somewhere else. We have a junk drawer and a cabinet that I’m going to turn into just HIS after seeing this post. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  25. I LOVE LOVE this idea and am on a mission now. :) Thank you.

  26. Great idea!!! SO much better than my hubs just dumping his wallet, knife, phone, and keys out in the open. :s I need to find me a man station! ;)

  27. Geeeeeenius. My hubby has a “dumping” spot that drives me crazy. I’ve provided two baskets for him, but they get filled very quickly. The cabinet with shallow shelves is a FANTASTIC idea, and now I’m trying to figure out where I could stash one. Thanks for your continued inspiration!

  28. That is PERFECT! Trying to think of where I can implement that in our house! Righ tnow it is the kitchen and it makes me insane.

  29. stray bullets… seriously, my husband has a ton of them and they are currently taking up space in my kitchen…i feel a man space coming on, for when he’s home from deployment. Then he will have a place for all those bullets, oh, and all of the other random crap he HAS to keep.. :)

  30. That is seriously the GREATEST idea ever. I’m more excited about this than when I learnt to fold a fitted sheet on youtube! Thanks Nester! Now I just need to find a cabinet or similar, I can feel a garage sale weekend coming on….

  31. The hardest part is training them to use it!! Any advice on how you got your husband to use his dumping station? I want to encourage him without nagging. Help! :)

    • Have you tried gathering up all his randomly left things and dumping them there yourself? Eventually it might catch on… I think the trickestthing will be to find the right place to put the man station. It’s going to have to be in a high traffic area, and so I think doors will be a necessity!

      • Look at where he is putting his stuff now, and create a space right there. I can speak from experience that relocating stuff to the desired space also works. When he asks you where something is and it is always in the same space and he doesn’t have to hunt for it, he will come to love his spot and claim it (to the point of not wanting yuo to mess with it!)

  32. Brilliant. Just brilliant. I have a small hutch or console table at the entrance of our home and there’s a big long basket “catch-all” if you will. This is really for all of Hubs’ stuff. He’s a techie and has a TON of wires, gadgets, doo-dads, wallets, just STUFF. It always seems to PILE UP. And NONE of it is MINE!!! He needs him a Man Station. I’m off.

  33. You are so lucky!

    My husband chucks his stuff all over the kitchen table – not bullets mind you, I live in Australia where that’s frowned upon :)

    I might suggest a special little area that he can call his own and then reclaim some space for the rest of the kitchen appliances

    Thanks for the idea

  34. I totally need a man station…I think I also need a whole room set aside for the crap that my husband drops all over the place when he walks in the door…shoes (always in the way) tie, hung over the couch, socks stuffed in the

  35. Clearly there are a LOT of other women who get the whole “random man doo-dads” – it’s nice to know I’m not alone. I loved your ideas and will be looking to create a better space for my husband to hide, I mean, deposit all his random items (guitar picks, camera gear/accessories, fingernail clippers, computer accessories, scraps of paper w/ jotted notes, need I go on?!)

  36. He does have a space, although he is not good about putting the stuff in his basket, but in front of his basket. I just sigh and tell myself over and over….baby steps.

  37. Love this idea! Off to the thrift store to find a suitable closet. Thanks for all your inspiration.

    Fiona Mary

  38. We had a tin-topped bakers cabinet base as a buffet in our old house. When we moved it lived upstairs for a while, but then got relocated to the basement. Right next to where Mr. comes in and out 30 times a day. But can he utilize it? Nope. He takes all of his crap out of his pockets and puts it on a windowsill. Grr. I also bought a three tiered shoe rack a while back, but his boots are still everywhere. Does one man really need 7 pairs of shoes/boots next to the backdoor? What’s wrong with the THREE closet I’ve allowed him upstairs. Yes. Three. I think he may actually have more closet space than I do.

  39. Oh, my goodness! Thank you so much for posting this!! I have a similar nook between my up and down stairs and I had this little decorative stand thing there (and was never quite sure what to put on it!) and after reading this I pulled out my measuring tape and sure enough there were 31 glorious inches of space just sitting there, not really being used. I offered the space to my hubby (even showed him your pic) but he didn’t think he’d use the space. Then I measured my little secretary desk which was awkwardly taking up space next to the kitchen entryway, and sure enough it fits! I’m claiming the space as my “mom station” thank you very much!!

  40. My man SO needs a man station! Up until recently he had a home office, so that was his dumping zone. But now that’s he’s moved the office out, there’s no where for his “stuff!” I’m definitely going to be pondering how to include a “man station” in our home. Love this! (And totally love this series!)

  41. Ok Nester…I’ve been reading for a couple of years, and I have to say this is the most brilliant thing you have shared since the thing about would you buy something that is on sale at full price. And that’s saying something. This is going to change my life!!! Trying to figure out where near our narrow foyer we can put a man station!

  42. Now I’m about to cry because you just introduced me to the solution I’ve been looking for for WAY too long. My husband likes to make (as he calls them) “stacks” all over our bedroom. He thinks they are tidy because they are in a stack, but it drives me CRAZY and looks so messy to me. Now I definitely know what to do!

  43. this is pure GENIUS! my husband has a man bowl, located near the back door but it is barely adequate for keys, cell phone, etc. i love the idea of a larger dedicated area where he go throw his gear and i don’t need to constantly rearrange or redistribute any of that stuff. i am ON IT! i’m so enjoying this series. thanks so much.

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