31 Days To a Less Messy Nest

Welcome to October 1st, the first day of our series 31 Days to a Less Messy Nest.  I hope you join me and the 7 other bloggers posting their very different 31 day series as often as you can.

I wanted to take this first day and explain why I decided to write about less messiness for 31 days here on a blog where I’m usually talking about more fun things like paint and fabric and hot glue.  It’s not because I felt like I had a plethora of information to share in this area.  It’s because I desperately needed a less messy home.  And I believe a less messy home is a more enjoyable, more beautiful home.

I’m not in search of the perfect formula that will guarantee perfectly organized spaces.

I just want to raise the bar a little and find some easy to implement ideas that will help keep me organized and ultimately  focused more on things that really matter.

We are messy people with stuff and a dog and a yard with a creek. We eat in the family room sometimes and sit our cups on a sock if we need a coaster.

We use and live in our house.  So over the past few months, I’ve been gathering information, thinking about what I do and don’t do that contributes to the chaos in our home.   I’ve been in the process of simplifying {resulting in our mega yard sale tomorrow} and really just trying to be aware of how we use our home.  It’s led me to get rid of stuff that is cute that I didn’t need, cut down the time needed to pack school lunches, and have a prettier more “come on in drop by neighbor-able” house.

I owe Leila from Like Mothers Like Daughters credit for inspiring this 31 challenge.  At the beginning of the  year she wrote a post called:: The Reasonably Clean, Fairly Neat, and Comfortably Tidy House. This Year. You can see all of her posts about keeping a reasonably clean house here.

Her words prompted me to think about my own home and as a result, I wanted to do a series that wasn’t as much about cleaning but, about tips and tricks that can help our home run more smoothly and make it prettier at the same time, all while acknowledging the fact that it’s ok to lower our expectations. Because family is more important than a pretty or clean house.

Join me and Chatting at the SkyBalancing Beauty and Bedlam, My First Kitchen, Life With My 3 Boybarians, Reluctant Entertainer, The Inspired Room, Remodeling This Life over the next 31 days.

{PS yard sale update, we are going to have the sale INSIDE my parent’s house, to the left of the empty lot if you are facing their house, look for the red arrows} 6116 Eisenhower Lane Lake Park, NC


  1. I need this too. Our house is tidy, but looks messy to me. Company ready, but feels cluttered. I think we have to much stuff. I’m ready for 31 days to less mess, bring it on sister!

  2. Can’t wait for your tips. I am ashamed to admit that my house is always a disaster and I am completely embarassed if someone just stops by. I desparately need some tips.

  3. Too funny…we’ve used socks or whatever is handy also for coasters….yeah!! we are not the only ones!

  4. I loved your post. Actually I think I already commented but I can’t remember..ughgh…I wish I lived in NC so I could come to your sale!!

  5. Can I just say “Thank you Lord!”. SO beyond excited to see what you have to say regarding this. I can’t tell you how much I NEED this series. :)

  6. I love-love-love “The Middle,” but I hadn’t seen that trailer before. Hysterical!

    Looking forward to your series, but I already learned one thing. If we’re out of coasters, try socks! :-)

  7. This is the first time I’ve commented…the video clip was hilarious. Oh, I’m laughing with tears in my eyes! Thank you so much for posting this. God knows I needed it!

  8. What a great idea.
    ps My husband wants you to know that he loves your wall gallery!

  9. I will be here each day seeking inspiration! My home could use a bit of tidying up. And we tend to clean up in spurts, so here’s hoping you’ll inspire one.

    One of the things I blog about frequently is clearing clutter because I need to motivate myself to do it.

    You guys have inspired me to do a 31-days theme at one of my blogs. I’m doing 31 Days to Creating a Home for Your Soul.


  10. I’d forgotten that was one show I need to see. I’m glad you posted it. I told my hubby that it could have been written about us. Scary! I will be here daily this month. :)

  11. Loved the trailer, never heard of the movie but looks fun. I was just telling a group last night it helps me to LOWER MY EXPECTATIONS of laundry piles, teenagers, messy house, etc. I’ll be checking out this month though, every bit helps!

  12. I’m so ready sista :-)

  13. Thanks for doing this series! I am looking forward to each of your posts. Being the mother of four boys, I can totally relate to some of your pictures. :)

  14. october 1 is finally here . . . i have been waiting with excitement.


  15. Yay! I’m excited for tips on how to simplify and organize. :) We just recently started homeschooling, and I’ve been reading a lot of books. One of them, “Leadership Education: The Phases of Learning” says that the 3 greatest obstacles to Mentoring as a Mother are: Cooking, Cleaning, and Chauffering. It says we should try to simplify those 3 areas in our lives as much as possible, so that we have more time for reading and showing a good example of a desire and love of learning to our children. So I purged my stuff this week as well, and I still have a lot to do. But I’m working on it! Your tips will surely help me. Thank you!

  16. THANK YOU for posting pics of rooms in real life! I sometimes get down when I look at picture-perfect rooms because I know that my life is messy and my rooms will NEVER look like those! I am looking forward to a few tips and words of wisdom to spur me on and inspire my family, too.

  17. I am itching to know two things and it’s driving me crazier than I already am:) 1. How did they yard sale go? 2. How in the world to I find last years tour of Christmas homes? I have gone nuts going through the archives and I see mention of it but cannot find the real thing.

    Help…..I’m barely hanging on:)

  18. Well said and so true! I look forward to following you this month in hopes of helping all the living we do in our house to be more enjoyable. Great pics, by the way – looks somewhat familiar…

  19. I LOVE your website. I just came across it in the past few days and I am HOOKED! I love your family room and all the things that make it so homey! I am definitely a follower! Thanks for making the ones of us that need that little help in making our homes more beautiful and less cluttered! Wonderful site!

  20. Great article! I love, love the truth in your photos! I have an extremely long daily commute (2 1/2 hrs each way lately) and organization is a necessity in my life! With 2 kids and 16 pets at home, things can get a little hectic.

  21. ohhhhh, miss nester. i hope you see this, even tho this post is a bit old. i’m starting 31 days tonight. and i’m also linking to you tomorrow. i’m not a home blogger. and i barely clean my house (oops, but truth). but i’m ready to. i need clean surfaces. i need to clean spaces, especially those in my brain and some in my spirit. so i’m starting with my desk. i think i’ll get there. did i tell you how great it was meeting you at blissdom?
    hope you are well.

  22. My house is a disaster – seriously. I am a single mom with two kids, a cat, and a full-time job. I am going to try to read your posts. I, too, have been STRUGGLING with making our house more organized and user-friendly. I think the chaos creates stress, but for every step forward, I feel like I take three steps back.

  23. Lavaida Vandelia says

    How can I find all of these posts grouped together?
    I’d love to “do” the 31 days!


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