See that white table in my office?  I forgot to show you that I moved it in there a month or so ago.   And I cannot believe that I let a perfectly good blog topic like moving furniture pass me by.

When I first found this $15 table at a yard sale, I honestly didn’t know where I was going to put it.  But, I’m not one to pass up a $15 table at 12 noon at a yard sale.  Plus I loved the table.  So I worked it into our family room.

Then I moved out the sofa to see if I would like it like this.   It is a dining room after all.  Eh.  It was ok, but I would then be stuck with trying to find a place for a sofa, that’s worse than finding a place for a table.  I took all these photos with my phone apparently I’m too lazy to pick up my 5 pound real camera.

Then I moved it in front of the window just to see.  Eh.  Not loving it, it’s a little large.

I tried to convince it to be a coffee table. Double Eh.

Nope, but it was worth trying, right?

So here it sits.  I really love it in here it’s a little bigger than my last table/desk.  Oh, what?  You want to know where I put the table that was in my office?

Well, I tried it in here to see, but no.

And then I moved it here.  I’m not sure it will survive the fall with the fireplace going but for now, it’s racked up some major usefulness points.  This is where I fold the laundry, my husband studies there and my kids use it to eat with their friend.  Even though we have another table 10 feet away, it’s been nice to have double the space.

So, basically, this post is pointless other than to show you how often I move furniture.  It’s worth it.  It’s free and in an hours time, I had a better way for our family to use our home.

Is there a piece of furniture in your home that’s in the “wrong” room but it works for your family?