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I have absolutely no idea how to act civil in a situation like this. Kim from Today’s Creative Blog (which is my favorite blog design, next to my own of course) featured my little blog today. I am waaaay too all about myself this morning. Sorry to everyone who knows me in real life I’ll be a big pain today. Here’s the link to my sister’s blog. She has a real blog. She is actually a good writer and people love her for it. And she has a pretty house. Hate her.

I wanted to post photos of my dear, dear sofa. I cannot believe I never have. Family members tease me about this sofa. My dad knows what toile is because of this sofa. We had an old leather sofa for 10 years. Finally, we were tired of it and all our other collected furniture and decided to furnish our home. This was September of 2004. And, my only restriction was that we had to pay cash for everything.

My honey took the day off of work and got a sitter for the shopping of the sofa. He’s so sweet like that. This was a BIG DEAL for me. Really, one of the happiest days of my life–besides, our wedding, having the boys, and the day our brick was painted. Just keepin’ it real.

We went to High Point, NC the furniture capitol of the world and I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. After a day of sofa shopping we ended up at my favorite showroom, Utility Craft. What an awful name. They have since shut down but, oh you would have loved it! They had a compact sectional on the floor with an ugly plaid that my husband sat on and said “this one”. I wanted to barf. It was black plaid.

Then, our sales lady, Helen, told me that this was a classy, real furniture store and I could pick whatever fabric my heart desired. What? I had only read about people doing that before. In my one measly year of design school I was introduced to this concept but never, in the flesh.

I was a nervous wreck. I mean, I wanted to go ahead and make a decision because it would take 3 months for this sofa to be made to my persnickety specifications but, this fabric would be in my life for a long time.

My honey actually found the toile while we were pouring through the fabrics. “Here’s one you’ll like” he said. “Really?” said I. We both new I loved it. I am no fair weather toile fan. I just never thought he would be okay with having French lovers on our family sofa I mean what respectable NASCAR fan watches the 500 while resting his hiney on toile? Well, he does, and his hiney is so comfy thanks to the down wrapped cushions!

So, the toile sofa was delivered the week after Thanksgiving. I’ll never forget that day. My home went from safe, neutrals to red toile in one hour. And I happily spread the toile love around. I love it with everything! I mix toiles, I put red toile with robin’s egg blue! Some one told me that red and robin’s egg blue don’t go. Watch out! I am rearranging an entire room just to make it work!


  1. So you had to have it made?? Ugh. I have been looking for a yellow with red toile sofa for years! I haven’t had any luck so now I guess I have to move onto my second choice, yellow tih black damask…hope I can find that LOL

  2. Tonya Case says

    I soooooo love your sofa…..

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