31 Days to A Better Dressed Nest :: Day 30~ Rescue Something

this is how my boys repurpose

I’m planning to have my yard sale tomorrow and I hate to admit it but I keep pulling things out to keep. Things like empty frames and pretend fruit that I can paint. And I have a feeling that you have things stored away in your garage, storage shed, attic, under the house–that you could use in your home if you forced yourself to consider how.

Walk through those areas with a different perspective and see if you already possess something that you can find a fresh purpose for. Whether it’s a door, chair, dresser, lamp, table, or whatever I bet you can find one thing that you can repurpose.

Some of the most fun and rewarding projects I’ve done in my home have involved using things that I already had that I thought were junk and then realizing how glad I was that I was able to use it.

One day left.

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