Once again, we have boring white walls in this rental. But look at those wonderful floors. I love them. Unfortunately, they give the walls a pinkish hue, what huge challenge.

Secretly, one of my favorite parts of moving is when you get to try out something different in a room. Our dining room was entirely too small for the hutch and table. What a great problem. I might not have ever considered using the hutch in the family room but it fills up what could have been a huge empty wall. If it would have all fit in the dining room I doubt I ever would have tried it in this room.

Because of the size and shape of the room and my lack of cold hard cash to go out and by all or any new furniture, I had to make everything we had work where I could. Again, I LOVE the challenge. I’m not a big fan of a floating sofa but it is anchored on a rug so hopefully it won’t float away. Then I had to deal with another big empty wall. It was also a walkway so filling it with lots of furniture {that I don’t have} wasn’t an option. Remember my old fireplace mantle? Now they hold up photos of my fellas.

Here’s the view into the kitchen. Whenever we move, I focus on one room and try to at least have it up and running as quickly as possible. Everything else looks like the wicked witch chased Dorthy around while holding a broom on fire and dodging flying monkeys who have no manners and poopie inside. And then sprinkle legos and dirty socks on top and that’s pretty much what the other rooms look like.

Wow, there is so much to talk about, I feel like I could write a month’s worth of posts just from this one room. Here are a few things we’ll discuss as soon as I clean up the monkey pies.

  • using wall shelves
  • how to add color to make white walls unboring
  • painting the armouire
  • the nondining room
  • using fake art {f-art for short}
  • pink walls counseling center. help. I really don’t want to paint.