Remember how we started talking about using lamps in our home? Remember how I had big plans to show you my lamps, talk about buying lamps, sizes of lamp shades, lamp height and whether or not you need to coordinate lamps? ‘Member that?

Then we found out we had to move and my mind turned to mush and I lost the urge to hot glue and I left all my big promises just hanging out there forgotten. Well, I didn’t completely forget. I did realize that my house is too small for me to get a wide angle photo that will show more than one lamp at a time. This is what happens whenever I try to take a picture that’s not a close up. I believe I see a lamp back there.

So, I figured I’d just hand over the responsibility to the real experts. You. And since I’m not all planny like so many of those grown up, organized bloggers who announce their parties weeks, maybe months in advance, let’s do it next Thursday, May 28th! Show us your lamps, your chandeliers, your problems, your solutions, your creativity!

I’ll call up Mr. Linky and pray he shows and we’ll all link up and show our favorite lamp, or light or whatever. I bet I can even swing a few tassel prizes for my favorite lighting entries for most creative, best lamp make over, best chandelier and maybe something else clever if I think of it.

So, are you in?