After yesterday’s post where I told you of my lamp obsession so many of you came out of hiding admitting your ever growing collection of lamps. Right now the lamp count is tied at 41 for the freaks with the most lamps. Love both of you dearly you lucky loaded lamp ladies! And hey, did y’all see Self Confessed Lamp Tramp even stopped by!

Sarah said

I currently have…not enough! I hate overhead light but I struggle to pick out lamps and figure out where to place them. Help!!!!!

April commented:

I have six lamps. I would like to have more in my living room, but my furniture is pulled away from the walls, so if I had a lamp on my end table, the cord would stretch across a walk-way. I wish I could figure out what to do about this.

Tina asked

Can you mix and match lamp styles? Do they all need to be similar metals/finishes or do you just “buy what you like”. I am breaking your rule of not decorating because of “the rules” and being afraid.

Well ladies, I’m not a certified lamp expert but I can tell you what I believe:

  • Yes, mix and match styles
  • Yes, mix and match finishes
  • Yes, buy what you love
  • Yes, stop worrying about rules
  • Yes, there are tricks to lamp placement

Nester’s Lamp Guidelines {not to be mistaken for rules}

  • I love 3 lamps in a triangle in a room
  • Aim for the same height of lampshades in a room
  • Be selective of shade colors
  • The base is part of the decor
  • Set a budget and stick to it

I had no idea we would have so much to talk about just on the topic of lamps. I’ll start next Tuesday and we’ll talk lamps once a week for a few weeks and hit on each of these bullet points above and more if I feel the urge. Maybe we’ll even have a Mr. Linky Lamp Party!

sister’s floor lamp

Lamp Tramps Unite!