I {heart} toile.

If you need a quick toile fix you can get you a wooden egg from the craft store and mod podge {or just water down some elmers glue} and some decoupage papers from the craft store and make you a toile egg. Simply tear the paper where you need to so it will fit on the egg and because it’s toile you can over lap and it still looks fine.

For this egg, I used some craft paint in an off white first so it wouldn’t show the wood grain. Then I painted on a layer of mod podge then I laid on some tissue paper then I painted more podgy stuff over it and let it dry. Easy! I’ve had it for years.

Looks pretty in an apothecary jar with some of my favorite stuff.

Toile looks great mixed with plaid.

Did I mention it looks great mixed with plaid?

My toile parsons chairs are filthy but because they are a pattern it hides some of the dirt. Right?

Oh, and I have a toile sofa as well. It’s 5 years old and the shop that made is is closed now. I have to answer at least one email per day with that information. Apparently y’all love you some toile.

Toile, plaid, patterns–I love it all sorts of patterns mingled in one room. When all the fabrics have the same undertone, it’s amazing what can work together.

Be sure to visit the Toile Party over at Pretty Orgainzed Palace today to get your toile fix!

Do you decorate with toile?

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