My street. Three houses for row for sale and the house across the street from them is for sale as well.

Final Thoughts

Over the past few weeks Remodeling Guy and I have discussed all sorts of ideas for staging your home for sale. We’ve barely scratched the surface. I could write for hours on the importance of the drive by {keep your porch and interior lights on in the evening please!} and optimal furniture placement and the importance of decluttering.

I could remind you that if you have pets of any kind make sure you invite your most honest, out spoken, gifted-smeller friend over and force her to tell you the cold hard truth about how your house smells.

Remodeling Guy could preach for hours on maintenance and upkeep for the paint, pluming and other man related stuff. He would surely remind you that changing out an old fixture could instantly update a room. He could tell you what is and isn’t worth spending your time and money on. And he has. And he has another message as well.

We could go on forever and the information would all be great and worth while and you should obey us because your house will have a better chance of selling if that’s what you need to do.

Waiting for the Sale…

But there are some of you out there I want to talk to. You know who you are. You desperately want your house to sell. Or maybe, you desperately need your house to sell.

Even if you follow every jot and tittle that we write your house may just sit. Because house selling is something that you have little control over.

So, you do everything in your power to make your house the best in its price range. Selling seems like the goal. And then, you wait. And you pray. And you try to keep your house clean in the midst of changing diapers, cooking spaghetti and separating the whites. And you accept the fact that it’s out of your hands. And that my dear, is where you have a choice. You choose to believe that your house will sell when it is time. And if you believe in God you choose to abandon yourself to His will. And you have peace.

To all of you right now who feel like the world will end if your house doesn’t sell, let me tell you, it will not. I promise. So please don’t do what I did 10 years ago when our house sat on the market for 2 and a half years. Don’t fret, worry, cry and try to control your situation. You can have a great life even if that house is sitting there empty. You can have a great life if you cannot afford to pay your mortgage. You can even have a great life if you are facing foreclosure.

Don’t ever forget, Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful.

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