Tour De Rental: Christmas Version

Can we ever see enough Christmas Decorations? I think not.

The delightfully personable and ever funny BooMama and the uber creative and perfectly charming Julia from Hooked on Houses are both hosting Christmas home tours and there’s not a chance that I would miss them. {edited: Rhoda is hosting one as well–you must see her home!} Cause I get to talk about house stuff. And I love talking about house stuff. Instead of trying to drive through neighborhoods really slow and look in the windows of the houses with their lights on, you can be nosy in the privacy of your own home. Genius.

If you are new here, this is the part where I link to myself over and over again in an effort to get you to fall in love with me and never leave. If you are a faithful reader, thanks for putting up with me and my big self.

I live in a house with three boys and a manly husband who comes home from work dirty every day. I have a little room that is mine all mine and I’d love to show you how I winterized it on the cheap.

I just added some ribbon to my garland to finish it off. Want to see how I made mine?

Then we had a garland party. Want to see how over 150 different women made theirs?

Killing 3 birds with one post: Here’s my entry for THAT Family’s tree party!

Currently, we are renting a house. The family room is small so this year, we let the garland decorate it, and put the tree upstairs in the playroom. My boys BEG for colored lights every year and usually I pretend like I can’t find them until after the tree is decorated. I’m not all mean. I always let them string up the colored lights in their room.

But not this year. I bought extra colored lights and piled on a few inexpensive plastic ornaments and bright colorful ribbon. My boys squealed with delight, jumped up and down and hugged me. I think we’ll be using colored lights from now on.

Does the black star look satanic? I like it. If you still haven’t had enough of me, I’ll be back tomorrow for Kimba’s Holiday Open House.

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