The Never Ending Tour

Does anyone even care to see the rest of my house tour? I am dragging this Tour de Rental 2008 out forever. It’s got to be the longest tour in history. And boringest. Here’s the kitchen. I love that we have our dining room/NASCAR room table in here now and get to use it every day. Up until last week this table was a constant dumping ground for everything. I decided to put together a centerpiece to make it seem more grown up. Remember all that stuff I used in my Christmas garland? Here it is again.

Is it just me or is the placement of those lights up there really weird? And the one on the left is being held up extra high with a keychain of some sort. I guess it wasn’t placed right for the previous renters either.

Ahhh. Nothing says grown up like a centerpiece. Oh, and to remind us not to dump every bill, bag, purse {ok so I’m the only one in my family with a purse} golf ball, laundry, book, paper…. on the table, I found these old plastic chargers and put them around. They also help with that white hot spot problem you get when your plate is hot and you put it right on the wood.

This shelf is from my 10 year old’s room. After our friends who helped us move left for the day, we realized that we hadn’t moved it upstairs. We decided just to leave it. Any ideas on how to cutsie it up? Now that we don’t pile on the table we end up just piling there on the shelf.

Our sink is against a blank wall. I put a mirror there so I didn’t have to stare at a blank wall. Even being forced to look at myself is better than looking at a blank wall. But, it’s amazing what you see when you are doing the dishes and your boys think you cannot see them while they are sitting at the table. PS, I added stuff to that corner on the counter just for you. It was so empty and I wanted it to look pretty but, in a few days it will bug the heck out of me and I’ll have to clear the counter off. Just sayin.

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