My Summer Vacation

This year on my summer vacation, I did lots of things. I gazed at this hunk of masculinity.

Pulled a Fussy at the beach with my hat.

Traveled like the Beverly Hillbillies.

Made an Apple turnover.

Didn’t read these.

Made these.

I even redid this project. A few of you tasteful readers showed me your hutch and shelves where you used this harlequin pattern and I’ve been jealous ever since. Make yourself known in the comments you talented souls and feel free to leave a link to your posts about it. I’ve got your blogs bookmarked somewhere deep in that apple turnover so I cannot give you the credit you are due!

And I didn’t even fret about all the seams and unmatching paper you can see when you look too closely. Hopefully the photos of my boys and old house will be captivating enough to hold the attention away from my inpatient installation of scrapbook paper. Oh, and yes, it’s ok to get out your pumpkins now, it’s August!

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