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I didn’t buy anything new, I just moved stuff around. I switched out my mistreatments, brought in my stars, and added that wonderful robin’s egg blue in the room with my toile sofa. I’ve been dying to add blue in here with all of my red and it’s coming along just fine doncha think?

I moved my red check mistreatments into my svelte sage living room.

I actually like the neutral ones in here the best but I thought this was fun for now. I might be switching these out soon too. Remember when I showed you the plain canvas fabric that I was gonna use in here? I got too lazy to do anything with them right now. It’s no big deal to switch things around though. It took me about an hour and my house has a fresh new look without buying anything!

So, I’m dying to know if I’m crazy or if other people do this too–do you move stuff around and try things in different places or do you keep everything pretty much in the same place?


  1. Kelley Cornelsen says

    Hi! Boy am I glad I could not sleep tonight and found your blog! Finally I have come across a designer who operates the same way I do. No glue gun, roll of stitch witchery or can of paint can escape my grip. I am an obsessive mover of objects from one room to another. After living in a fabulous house for 22 years and using that house as my canvas and creative outlet, I am now a renter as well. Due to divorce, I have rented three houses in the last four years. I share your philosophy on making what you have beautiful. I will admit bouts of torture at not being able to paint or change things or live without not one hint of architectural detail. However, I have come to love an appreciate beige as a neutral backdrop and have created a beautiful home. I recently gave up my corporate job to pursue my passion of interior design full time. I am working on my website and blog and will share some of my photos with you when I’m done.

  2. Kelley Cornelsen says

    OOPs! I forgot to commend you on your beautiful home. You clearly have an understanding of warmth, scale and balance!

    All the Best!

  3. Erika Page says

    I was referred to your blog site by a friend and oh my! – I feel like I am reading a biography about myself. My daughter is only 4 and she is already on her 5th address. If one would look at my addresses over the course of the last 10 years it would look like I am running from the law! It is very refreshing to read that someone else out there moves things around to make the house look new. I get so tired of looking at the same things in the same place, but can’t afford to purchase new things. I have finally been in this house for 1 year now and need to change things up….thank goodness I am not moving, but I will be moving furniture and accessories with confidence now! Glad to know I’m not crazy!!! Thanks for sharing your awesome thoughts and tips….your home is fabulous :)

  4. Maybe we were separated at birth and our mother did not tell us…..??? When I read my husband several of your blogs, he laughed and laughed and said ” Wow….I guess you found a true partner in crime….where does she live?” (we live in Fl but have a small cottage in Arden, NC) Anyway….a friend WHO KNOWS ME WELL found you and referred me and now…….well……I want you to come over and “play house”……..thank you thank you for all you do and say…I have SO much I always want to say to you after I read and laugh from your blog…and see all the pics! I was trying soo hard to SEE all your garage sale stuff that I enlarged it on my mac…..CRAZY! Love it all sister keep up the great work!

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