Here’s a close up of my window treatment. It makes me feel calm and relaxed and I need that right now. I just left a comment on one of my favorite blogs. It was my first comment ever on her blog. I am nervous. I pray to God she doesn’t click on The Nester and come here.

You see, she is so funny. And, she’s a great writer. And, I want to be her. Yikes. She’s also a proof reader and can instantly spot any spelling or grammar error. And I have already started three sentences in this post alone with the word “and”. This blog is not for her kind of people.

She and her husband are trying to live this entire year without spending money on clothes, eating out, travel, gifts and other stuff that none of us really think twice about buying. Her story is captivating and my favorite parts are when she ends up buying something that she was not sposed to. I just wrote sposed.

Oh yeah. When I started reading I saw that she lived in LA. Then, as I read through her archives I came upon a startling discovery. She recently moved to North Carolina. You can imagine how giddy I was. I mean, maybe she moved to my neighborhood, or maybe we shop at Harris Teeter on the same day. Maybe we can be BFFs.

So here’s the link. You will love her. Goodbye. It’s been nice knowing you. Once you click to her you will realize what a waste of time it is to visit me and see pictures of my feet and candy I half ate. (I know that’s lousy English. I’m doing it for June’s sake)